Healthy Breakfast – what should be on the table in the morning to the body got the right energy?

If you thought that your food was healthy, and the body has always been slender, and be sure to consider your Breakfast. All the more nutritionists long have proven, what proper Breakfast will help you lose weight.

It is Very important that for Breakfast we get not only calories, po and nutrients (proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber).

Let's Try to offer several healthy Breakfast options.

Let's Start with the traditional oatmeal, you can use oat flakes, before use, add it to any fruits and berries if you want to sweeten a little – also a teaspoon of honey.

The next day you can cook buckwheat before serving add optional or any finely chopped vegetables, or berries.

Another healthy Breakfast. Defatted cottage cheese with berries and honey.
Or the same cottage cheese with any greens (dill, parsley, celery), you can add cucumber and lemon juice.

Nutritionists found out that for losing weight good to eat eggs for Breakfast. Therefore, for another Breakfast you can cook scrambled eggs or omelet with vegetables and herbs.

For those who can not without meat, sausage sandwich can be replaced with a piece of white chicken meat with vegetables, you can also prepare a vegetable salad or light vegetable soup, which will be useful for both the heart and stomach.

If you believe that to prepare even a simple Breakfast once you try to eat for Breakfast fruit (or fresh juice), a piece of grain bread with cheese and bitter chocolate.
Another option useful Breakfast – nuts.

These breakfasts will fill us with energy before lunch, and they are useful for the cardiovascular system. Fruits and berries contain antioxidants, which will help protect the body from heart disease. Fiber, which we get from cereals, vegetables and fruits, helps the body fight cholesterol, makes the intestines work, provides natural cleansing. Cheese or cottage cheese is a source of calcium and protein. Eggs and lean meat – also provide the body with the necessary protein. Eggs are also a source of vitamins.

Another tip: to "Wake up" the gastrointestinal tract, half an hour before Breakfast, drink a glass of warm water, you can add lemon juice.

Healthy Breakfast – what should be on the table in the morning for the body to get the right energy?

What to eat for Breakfast to do not spend a lot of time and get enough, and even not to cook? The typical answer is "scrambled and sandwich with sausage" is just an example of how to do categorically not worth it. However, in any case it is impossible to use black coffee or strong tea on an empty stomach, because thereby You only ruin your health, and the constant attacks of flatulence, gastritis, indigestion will be provided.

What is good to eat for Breakfast?

Proper Breakfast ideally divided into 2 doses:

  • the first Breakfast helps to recharge energy for a long time and starts the work of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • the second allows you to keep your strength up and treat yourself to something delicious.

Healthy breakfasts really varied and very tasty, but perhaps important, their advantage is that they are "fast", especially with the abundance of modern technology. So, for example, cooking an omelet for a couple will not take much more time than frying eggs. The health benefits are much more obvious. A small sandwich with butter, cheese and fresh vegetables, as well as a Cup of green or black tea can be served with an omelet.

What is for the second Breakfast? A couple of hours later, you can have a Cup of coffee with a croissant, but it is better to eat a portion of yogurt, Apple or other fruits.

Also in the Treasury of recipes for healthy Breakfast should certainly add such a delicacy, as baked or stewed apples: remove the core from the apples, put a spoonful of honey and a piece of butter inside, bake in the oven, microwave or stew for 5-10 minutes in a saucepan under the lid with a small amount of water. This dish goes well with cottage cheese. You can drink juice, cocoa, tea.

All know what's good to eat oatmeal for Breakfast, which today-and no cooking required, just fill with hot water or milk and allow to stand for 5 minutes. Add butter, honey, fresh fruit – and the perfect Breakfast is ready: delicious, fast and tremendously healthy.

Add and such a useful Breakfast in prescriptions for – bake in the microwave oven tomatoes with cheese: cut the a vegetable in half, inward put a slice of cheese (or grated cheese shavings) and simply send in microwave oven on a minute-mucus-two. In addition, you can prepare a diet sandwich with cheese, cucumber and radish.

But from eating meat in the morning is better to refuse, for this there is lunch and dinner. In the morning we are saturated with the "right" carbohydrates, easily digestible proteins, micro-and macronutrients, fiber and vegetable fibers, useful for our intestines.

Even though the culinary characteristics of each culture are different, healthy Breakfast recipes can be found everywhere - they will all be built on the same principle.

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