Headless diet before colonoscopy: what you can eat, the menu

Colonoscopy is by far the most effective method of colon examination. The quality of the procedure largely depends on the proper preparation. One of the most important preparatory measures is a headless diet, which perfectly cleanses the intestines, which affects the reliability of the results.

How to prepare for colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure during which the doctor visually examines the patient's intestine with a special device. The study is necessary to determine malignant tumors, ulcers and other diseases.

The Advantages of colonoscopy are painless, low probability of injury, the ability to establish the correct diagnosis. Disadvantages the procedures are of high cost, the lack of possibility of tissue sampling for research, as well as the need for careful preparation.

Headless diet before colonoscopy

Uncindery diet before colonoscopy is absolutely necessary. Its purpose is to reduce the amount of fecal mass in the intestine by removing toxins from it. To do this, it is recommended to include easily digestible slag-free products in the menu. If you do not follow a diet properly, it is better to abandon this procedure.

Diet before colonoscopy

Preparing for a colonoscopy is around a few days. Experts recommend starting a diet 5-7 days before the scheduled date of the procedure.

5-7 days before colonoscopy

Strict diet before colonoscopy involves the refusal of certain products, the use of uncindery food and compliance with drinking regime. In the best case, the physician should describe the patient menu individually. However, you can make it and yourself. In addition to light foods, you should drink at least 2.5 liters of water in small portions per day.

Morning. in the Morning, perfectly cleanses the intestines porridge on the water. You can complement your meal with a glass of green tea. Diet before colonoscopy does not involve the use of such a product in the menu as sugar.

Note! If the patient is not used to this diet, he experiences severe discomfort and feeling hunger, you can eat an Apple or drink juice.

Lunch. it is recommended to eat steamed or boiled vegetables For lunch before colonoscopy. It is also allowed to include dried fruits in the menu, a small amount of meat of low-fat varieties.

Dinner. For dinner you can prepare vegetable salad, eat a piece of boiled fish. During the diet before colonoscopy, doctors recommend their patients at night drink a glass of kefir. It perfectly cleanses the intestine, removes toxins from it.

2 days before colonoscopy

Two days before colonoscopy, a low-calorie, headless diet is required. In the morning, be sure to drink at least two glasses of clean, preferably warm, water. This helps to "start" the digestive system and improve metabolism. After 20 minutes, you can start Breakfast.

20 hours before colonoscopy

20 hours before the upcoming procedure needs to consume solid foods for the last time. You can drink green tea, water, juices. After an hour, you should take about three tablespoons of castor oil, which is used as a laxative.

Note! It is worth noting that the taste is not very pleasant, so it is recommended to wash down the product with jelly or a sweet drink.

If there are diseases of the bile ducts, castor oil should not be used, because it can worsen the condition. Such patients can use another laxative. After this, you will need to do two enemas the usual boiled water at intervals of an hour. 1.5 liters of liquid is enough for one procedure.

On the day of colonoscopy

In the Morning, on the day of colonoscopy, it is necessary to clean the intestine again. To do this, you should make two more enemas. The water being expelled from the intestine should be almost transparent.

What can be there is?

The slag-Free diet before colonoscopy involves the use of products that provide the formation of a small amount of feces. Uncindery diet includes liquid food, without the bright colors and solid components. Used products should contain broth, water, gelatin. These components are suitable for a slag-free diet, because they are easily absorbed in the intestine.

Important! It is worth noting that the slag-free diet is used only for medicinal purposes and only a few days. For the purpose of weight loss, it is not used, because it provides low-calorie foods with a minimum amount of nutrients substances'.

The List of allowed foods when uncindery diet before colonoscopy:

  • rice;
  • pasta;
  • oats;
  • transparent broths and soups based on them;
  • toasts;
  • minced meat and fish;
  • vegetables and fruits (carrots, melon, apricots and others);
  • mashed potatoes;
  • honey;
  • jelly (almost colorless);
  • vegetable and butter;
  • juice from vegetables and fruits transparent;
  • milk;
  • coffee and tea.

On The day of the colonoscopy, it is forbidden to drink liquid and eat any dishes, it is only allowed to wash down the drugs with a small amount of water, if necessary.

Approximate menu for the week

Uncindery diet before colonoscopy have the features. To better understand them, you should read the approximate menu for the week.


  • porridge, banana, coffee, toast with butter;
  • soup on low-fat transparent broth, mashed potatoes, kissel;
  • vermicelli, grated vegetables, boiled meat, tea.


  • rice, boiled frayed fish, sandwich with butter, coffee.
  • semolina soup, bun, kefir;
  • cottage cheese casserole, cookies, compote.


  • semolina porridge, coffee, cracker;
  • vegetable soup,mashed potatoes, fish souffle, tea;
  • meat broth, bread, compote.


  • oatmeal, milk;
  • soup with meat broth, vegetable puree, jelly, coffee;
  • boiled meat, rice, kefir.


  • pasta with milk, fruit;
  • meat broth, mashed potatoes, boiled grated fish, juice.
  • cottage cheese casserole, kefir.


  • oatmeal, honey, tea;
  • vegetable soup, boiled ground meat, vermicelli, tea;
  • buckwheat porridge, pate, kefir.


  • semolina porridge, bread with butter, coffee;
  • chicken broth, squash puree, fish souffle, tea;
  • water or green tea.

Diet after colonoscopy

Since after colonoscopy the human intestine is empty, it is not recommended to load it sharply with heavy food with toxins. First you need to restore the digestive system. First of all, you will need a large amount of fluid, because the body after the examination is dehydrated. It is also necessary in the first days after colonoscopy to use light foods. It is important to include in the menu food that is quickly absorbed by the intestine. These are vegetable soups, fruit juices and so on.

Note! The doctor should notify the patient about the need to use probiotics that contain beneficial bacteria for the intestine. This allows you to restore digestion, avoid malfunctions systems. Probiotics also normalize intestinal microflora.

Headless diet before colonoscopy

Two days after colonoscopy, the diet can be stopped and you can return to your previous diet. But this is only if the procedure was successful.

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