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How do middle-aged French fashionistas manage to keep the figures of young girls? At the same time, they allow themselves to eat 2-3 dishes at lunch, and for dinner 3 or even 4 dishes, do not deny themselves and wine. Do you think that's impossible? And the answer is simple: the main thing is moderation in everything.

Life should please
For centuries in France, the ideal was a woman with a slender, refined figure. Since then, the French have gained experience proper nutrition to maintain a slim figure. They do not allow modern nutritionists to powder their brains in this regard and cross out the invaluable experience that has accumulated over the centuries. Most of them believe that if they had complied with all the prescribed restrictions, then... would have grown fat long ago.

French Women are sure that you can eat chocolate, bread and other Goodies, drink wine and at the same time maintain health and slimness. French women are convinced that if I want to eat chocolate, then deny yourself this in any case is not necessary. But there is a whole tile or a whole box of chocolates is also wrong. It is necessary to limit yourself to a couple of slices better chocolate and enjoy their taste. A couple of pieces of chocolate will not cause any damage to your figure.

In Advance plan, that, and most importantly, in what numbers you can afford to eat, and even after celebratory feasts not gather an extra $ kilogram.

Even if you allowed yourself too much, the main thing – time to return to a normal moderate diet. Deviating from a given course, you can always go back. One time to afford luxuries can afford even the French, but they would not then expose your body hunger strikes, simply because of the hunger strike can be cause of breakdown and overeating.

To lose weight and then maintain a perfect weight need not short-term diets, and a systematic change of their eating habits. It is not necessary to reduce the number of products in your diet, and the amount of food consumed.

Three months of strict diet will be able to survive very few. But even after this feat, returning to their usual diet, most will notice that rapidly gaining weight.

If same these same three months consciously change your eating habits, watching the reactions of your body, weaning yourself from such bad habits as snacks in front of the TV, etc. – as a result, during this time you can lose weight, but most importantly – continue to lose weight on, without gaining weight.

Most French women will never count calories. It would be sacrilegious for them to think of dinner as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, fats ... the Problem of being overweight would cease to be a terrible obsession if you look at food and life in General, as the French look at it, namely they call for "living fully and with pleasure."

French food system or secrets of harmony of French women

1. French women think about food with pleasure.
2. During one meal French women eat a variety of dishes in small quantities.
3. French women prefer natural products, however, in moderate doses. In particular, they eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.
4. French women neglect artificial fat-free products, products containing sweeteners because they consider them devoid of natural taste.
5. French women eat three meals a day. They will never miss Breakfast, lunch or dinner. At the same time they know that the real pleasure of eating you get from the very first pieces, so take small portions and do not ask for additives.
6. They do not like spirits, but will not refuse to drink at dinner glass of dry wine.
7. French women love bread and croissants. According to the French, you can not get fat from them if you... do not overeat. At the same time while eating, they always think about food, and never chew mechanically. This simple rule is actually very importantly.
8. They will never eat in a hurry, on the move or standing, because they honor the ritual of eating.
9. They are well aware of what is the desire to pamper themselves and what is promiscuity, and do not deny themselves the daily "little pleasure".
10. French women often, but a little bit, during the day drinking mineral water.
11. French women rarely get on the scales. They believe that their appearance will say more than the numbers on weights.
12. They like to have fun at the table, enjoy eating food. But they never do not overeat.

French Women studiously avoid to do the, that not brings them to contentment. They like to sit with friends in cafes. However, at the same time they prefer Hiking trip by car, move a lot, all the time doing something.

The Main opponents women on the way for a slim figure is not food, and negative emotions and boredom. Monotonous exercise will not benefit. Those who move a lot and with pleasure do not get fat.
But excessive efforts in sports oddly enough can prevent lose weight. Some women, with excessive zeal fulfilled the plan for physical activity, after classes eat twice or even three times more, compensating for energy costs. French women play sports only with pleasure. Feeling tired, they finish classes.

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