Harm and benefits of milk for adults | For weight loss and health

Harm and benefits of milkSome fats firmly settle on the sides and on the stomach, causing us to suffer, while others are actively involved in metabolic processes and... even help to lose weight. But in General, the older we get, the less the body needs animal fats.

Can be said simply – children will be very helpful eat a bun with butter and wash down with milk. At this time, parents can only sigh and drink low-fat yogurt.

Is milk healthy? To each his own!

Everyone knows about the benefits of milk and dairy products, but the extra calories, salt, fat and sugar content change the whole picture and can make them harmful to you. How to choose healthy dairy products and milk for adults?

Adults should not consume whole milk, it is much more useful to drink this product of low fat content (not more than 2%) or completely fat-free. Skim milk is good to add to coffee or tea.

Very tasty and useful to add low-fat milk in soups. In addition, the usual cream contains a lot of calories, making the dish very nutritious – it is not necessary for an adult. low-fat Dairy products can be used to make dough or dessert by adding them instead of fat or melted milk.

Low-calorie yogurt and fruit are perfect For desserts or snacks. Low-fat kefir can make an excellent sauce for vegetables or boiled potatoes.

Kefir also need to choose a low percentage of fat. For women who follow a diet is very useful to drink cocktail of 1% kefir with the addition of greenery.

Milk can be dangerous for health!

  • it is Dangerous to buy non-pasteurized milk and all products made from it.
  • Store dairy products in the refrigerator, this also applies to dishes that are prepared from them. Just a few hours in a warm room and all the food will just be spoiled.
  • Buying dairy products it is necessary to pay attention to the date of manufacture and expiration date!
Life without milk

It also Happens that a person is lactose intolerant. In this case, as a rule, the transition to the use of dairy products helps.

For those people who do not consume dairy products for any reason, the sources of calcium can be eggs, fish (sardines in oil), cereals, soybeans, raisins, sunflower seeds. A lot of calcium in cabbage, nettles, lettuce.

In conclusion here are options for diets for weight loss, where milk is one of the main products.

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