Habits that will help to maintain a perfect figure

How to eat and not get fat? In search of an answer to this question, many of us continue to think and act as overweight people. The best way to get rid of the "glutton" type of thinking and extra pounds - the acquisition of habits of slender people.

It will not be easy to introduce new habits into your daily life, but if you show a little perseverance, you will forget about excess weight and strict diets that are harmful health!

Understanding your present needs

There are two types of hunger: physical and psychological. The latter "lives" not in the stomach, but in the head. Psychological hunger manifests itself as a strong craving for specific food (chocolate, chips, ice cream and other hazards). But physical hunger man agrees to satisfy almost any food.

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If you learn to understand your real needs and distinguish psychological hunger from physical hunger, you will never eat too much. Are you experiencing psychological hunger? Then try to switch your brain to something else to distract it from thinking about food.

Frequent meals, but in small portions

Large portions of slim people just don't fit, because the stomach they not stretched. What if it's stretched? Each day, gradually reduce their portions until the volume of the stomach comes back to normal.

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When you can't eat a lot at a time, that's enough. you quickly start to feel hungry again. If you satisfy hunger as it appears, you automatically begin to eat 4-6 times a day in small portions. Isn't that what nutritionists advise us to keep slim?

Refusal to eat out of politeness or to eat up food, so as not to be lost

Slim people never eat out of politeness, afraid to offend anyone with a refusal. If a man is full, he is full, and politeness has nothing to do with it. If someone really wants you to taste it branded casserole or pie, you can offer to pack your portion with you.

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In Addition, slender people can safely leave on a plate even the most delicious food, if you have already eaten. They will never eat, so that the food is not abyss.

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A Variety of food and reluctance to calculate calories

Eat a monotone is boring. In addition, the more diverse tastes a person feels at one meal, the faster the saturation occurs. It is better to try a little than to eat one large dish.

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Slim people don't calculate calories. They are guided by their feelings and hunger. Especially in their house it is difficult to find products that carry potential danger to the figure.

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Try to introduce these habits into your daily life and soon you will be pleasantly surprised by the result!

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