Gym: the rules of muscle gain in men. How to gain weight in the gym.

How to gain weight in the gymLean physique may be the result of genetic predispositions, illness or exhaustion. Before figuring out how to gain weight in the gym, it is important to decide why it is absent. It is important to understand that putting on weight and building muscle are two different processes with different results. In the course of these processes, either fat or muscle tissue appears, the volume of which is different. If you do not gain weight in the gym, you should turn to diets, sports nutrition or specialists who will explain what is happening to you.

What is there to gain weight in the gym?

Prepare your the body to intense exercise in the rocking chair by changing the diet. Often the reason for underweight is a lack of calories. Exclude from the menu semi-finished products, and the caloric content of food should be increased relative to daily costs. The food consumed must be predominantly protein-based. For example, two servings of meat, fish or poultry, a few boiled eggs and cottage cheese will help to gain weight in the gym.
In addition to proteins, carbohydrates enter the body under normal conditions. The required volume is calculated as follows: 4-8 g per 1 kg of body weight. They come with cereals, bread, pasta and sweets. Vitamin balance is supported by the presence of fruits and vegetables in the diet.
How to gain weight in the gym

How to gain weight in the gym?

The Program of physical activities is selected individually taking into account the lifestyle of the body. Before asking the coach how to gain weight in the gym, decide which parts of the body will be worked out. There are several universal rules that should be understood before crossing the threshold of the rocking chair.

  1. Defeat decisional laziness. You can justify any inaction, as well as to find a reason for the decision to postpone the trip to the sports club until next week.
  2. don't be afraid. To be in an unfamiliar atmosphere and face unknown problems is not the most pleasant situation. However, the fear of the new is completely irrational and should not stand in the way of your plans.
  3. choose The right place and time. It is better to visit the gym three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, when there are fewer people.
  4. Drink plenty of liquid. The rate of consumption with the active loads increases up to 3-4 l. This figure includes soups, cereals and milk drinks that should become your favorite.
  5. to Diversify the food. Most of the menu should consist of protein foods. Divide it into 5 receptions and eat small portions.
  6. Evaluate forces. Overstretched once in the rocking chair, the next time you do less exercise, because you will be tired. Then there will be a problem that the gym is not gaining weight, and it will solve difficultly.

Is to Carry out an intense workout, as well as to evaluate the results after two months of hard work.
How to gain weight in the gym

Why in the gym ceased to gain weight?

Only 30% of success depends On physical activity. The rest falls on proper nutrition and daily routine. It is recommended to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day and alternate exercises with a good rest. Smoking and alcohol are also not combined with classes sport.
How to gain weight in the gym
If all goes well, the weight should increase in a week to 1 kg. If this figure is too high, there will be a threat to health. But what if the opposite is true? This may be due genetically. People who are naturally thin add weight more slowly. In this case, you still do not need to use special dietary supplements for athletes. They will be able to help already when you have experience, and at a body – serious preparation, then there are 2-3 years of regular exercise.
Not always a lot of weight you can take is synonymous with success. Pay attention to the technique and the General state of health.

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