Gluten-free products: full list, table

Recently, gluten-free products have been the objects of increased attention among the adherents of a healthy diet. However, to date, experts have not come to a consensus, gluten is harmful to the human body or not. One thing is known for sure: if the body is intolerant of this high-molecular protein products with its content is strictly prohibited. Even 2 mg of gluten in celiac disease causes serious complications. Such people need to follow a diet based on gluten-free food throughout their lives.

A Rarity for gluten-free products

Gluten - free products are rare today. Gluten is often used as a thickener and with other purposes, because it is different with many beneficial properties for production. The greatest amount of gluten is observed in cereals, but it is also found in other products that people consume daily. These are dumplings, sausages, canned food, minced meat and other ingredients.

Note! When exposed to water, gluten swells but does not dissolve. Due to this, the density of products increases significantly. They become not only more elastic, but also appetizing.

Gluten in powder form is No less popular. It is included in the composition of various pesirovo and pyrovac. What is it used for? In dry form, gluten is used to increase the properties of adhesion and give a presentation to products. After cooking the dish turns out delicious crispy crust. In addition, gluten is present in nuts and dried fruits that have passed the industrial processing.

Thus, it is difficult to find gluten-free products in modern grocery stores. It is absent in home-made natural products such as cottage cheese, milk, fruits and vegetables.

List of gluten-free products

Gluten-free products include:

  • gluten-free flour baking;
  • buckwheat porridge;
  • quinoa;
  • millet;
  • corn;
  • natural dairy products (milk, kefir, cottage cheese and others);
  • natural meat and fish;
  • cheese;
  • rice;
  • vegetable oil without treatment;
  • distilled vinegar;
  • eggs;
  • various kinds of distilled alcoholic beverages;
  • food starch;
  • potato flour;
  • coconut and coconut milk;
  • lactic and malic acid;
  • natural spices;
  • vanillin;
  • nuts, seeds without processing.

The List of gluten free products is quite wide to make your menu varied. Patients with celiac disease can easily choose a diet consisting of useful ingredients.

Table gluten-free products

For those who need to enter gluten-free products into their diet, the full list of products is presented in the table.

product Group

product Name


Natural coffee, tea, carbonated water

Dairy products

Cream, sour cream, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese

Meat, fish, bird

Fresh meat, poultry, fish, as well as dishes made from them based on natural products


Chicken and quail


Swiss, Parmesan and other natural products


White and sweet


Rice based Popcorn

Flour products

Baked from gluten-free flour


All kinds of vegetables not pre-processed, including frozen

Fruits and berries

Dried, fresh, canned and frozen fruits and berries without treatments


Vegetable and butter, margarine


Walnuts, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts and other species that have not undergone industrial processing


Any entrees prepared with allowed foods


Millet, buckwheat, corn


Breads, gluten-free flour cakes, mousses, fruit ice cream (natural), rice pudding


Natural jams, jam, chocolate, syrups, honey


Herbs, pepper. Salt, ginger, cloves, vanilla, tomato paste natural

Gluten-free products presented in the table should be included in the diet of celiac patients.

Gluten-Free flour

People with gluten intolerance should not despair and completely exclude flour products from their own diet. It is only necessary to choose the right flour for their preparation and you can continue to enjoy the delicious pastry.

To date, the following types of gluten-free flour are known:

  • rice – often used in Oriental cuisine, contains silicon, Biotin and other valuable components;
  • corn – this flour contains bran, which gives the finished dishes a pleasant taste and aroma, contains a lot of vitamin B, fiber, carotene;
  • buckwheat – perfectly absorbed by the human body, low calorie.

The physical properties of gluten-free flour is not too different from the product with gluten, but it is more useful for the human body. On the basis of this flour, you can knead a different type of dough: lean, yeast, puff. Finished flour products have low caloric content.

Best substitute products ingredients with gluten

Although gluten-free food improves the taste and appearance of foods, gluten-free food is also varied and tasty. In modern stores feature special sections that sell similar products.

So, the list of the best substitutes of fiber, which can diversify the supply:

  • ancient seeds – competitive product for wheat, according to its nutritional value and taste;
  • roots – do not have an irritating effect on the walls of the digestive organs, normalize the water balance in the human body, improves the absorption of food;
  • leafy vegetables – contain a large number of vitamins, safe for the figure, strengthen the immune system, prevent the development of inflammatory processes on the walls of the intestine;
  • pumpkin, sunflower, flax seeds – enriched magnesium, calcium and other useful trace elements, contain fats, vitamins, fiber;
  • berries, vegetables and fruits – a source of vitamins included in the diet in compliance with diets for weight loss;
  • legumes – contain protein, magnesium and other useful components, prevent beriberi, but have a long digestibility;
  • brown, wild and black rice – one of the main sources of nutrients, it has a calming effect on the walls of the digestive organs, is absorbed well.

If you regularly eat food from the list above, you can not worry about the lack of nutrients in the body.

How to determine the absence of gluten in products?

To determine whether a product contains gluten or not, you should carefully read its packaging. Manufacturers must include in the labeling of goods this information.

If there is no gluten in the product, its packaging has an icon with the corresponding inscription. Also, the absence of gluten is indicated by a crossed out spikelet. If the product is foreign-made, usually there is an inscription "gluten free products". If it is available, you can not worry about the fact that the product contains gluten. However, if the label "may contain traces of gluten" appears on the package, the high molecular weight protein present, but in small numbers. It is worth noting that people with gluten intolerance to use such products is also not recommended.

Given the multitude of products without gluten, patients with celiac disease can organise enough varied menus.


Gluten-Free diet

Diet based on gluten-free products has been approved not only by people suffering from gluten intolerance, but also by opponents of excess weight. Many stars have already tried this method of nutrition and even shared their results with fans. According to him, if you include in the diet of food with no gluten, you can quickly lose a few extra pounds.

However, all is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Some doctors are against this hard power. They believe that products with gluten contain many useful substances required for the full development of the human body. Moreover, there are claims that gluten brings not only harm, but also benefit.

Note! The secret of weight loss on a gluten-free diet is not the absence of gluten in the foods included in the diet. The fact that most of these ingredients are high-calorie. Accordingly, excluding food with gluten from the menu, which at the same time contains a lot of calories, you can lose weight.

However, there is a flip side to the coin. Often in gluten-free products is 2 times more fat and calories than in analogues with gluten. In the words nutritionists to lose weight, will have to exclude from the diet not only ingredients rich in gluten, but also fats, carbohydrates, fried foods, alcohol.

Well-Known manufacturers of gluten-free products

Worldwide, there are several well-known manufacturers specializing in the manufacture of gluten-free products:

  • Nutri Free from Italy – bakery, pasta, ready mixes for cakes and bread, waffles corn flour, pretzels, biscuits on gluten-free flour, flakes, and more;
  • Shar Italian flour for making bakery products, and ready-made flour products, pasta;
  • Gullon from Spain – wide selection of gluten free cookies;
  • Provena from Finland – porridge, flour, flakes and other;
  • McMaster – ready-made baking mixes, confectionery products, pasta;
  • Sam Mills – all kinds of pasta.


To get a better idea of which products do not contain gluten, you should read the video.

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