Girls who were able to "beat the broad bone"!

Many of us constantly make a promise to lose weight before the New year (and at the same time by March 8, birthday or on the eve of vacation). That's just not everyone has enough motivation to change their lifestyle and abandon harmful food.

In Front of you 3 girls that certainly will not make the holiday "magic pill" for weight loss because they already own get rid of extra pounds. Their photos "before" and "after" will inspire anyone to look their best!

Darina Tsyganova (minus 58 kg)

When Darina was 4 years old, her parents divorced. Since then, she began to actively recover. Now Darina understands that the push to a sharp weight gain was a psychological problem – food was her way of consolation.

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❤ it's amazing . Being fat is when you wear your husband's 42r-R sneakers,when in fact you have a 40th size of foot?You only get into one pair of leggings and wear them to the holes??♀Good but the food replaces any human communication,silences the inner emptiness,it is more to you than fuel.....Be offended by the fact that you are fat and to go to eat?It's about WAS!Most afraid to be fat and not well-groomed mother,who was ashamed to show your friends?Perhaps it played a role in such a strong motivation.Everyone can become slimmer and more well-groomed,to believe in this little,need although would a comb in hands take?? . . #cestoidea #bodypositive #похуделана60кг #pohudeniya #rezeptonline #previewer #of isenbuttel #patiikamu#vzveshennye #psamtek #Ivlieva #blog #pohudeniya #makerter#profiter#motivatsiooni#presnyakovy #recaptcha #precept #crestanello #of storephone #cyanobacteria#pblog#blogger##of storiesjenny#of historesin #fotograflari #of telemetry #bylocal #profileabout

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After birth weight Darina's reached 128 kg, and she realized, that further so continue not can. The girl excluded sugar and bread from the diet, began to drink a lot of water and eat fractional, began to walk a lot. Thus, she managed to lose the first 15 lbs. Then she started Jogging, and in about six months, got rid of 43 lbs. From Darina disappeared shortness of breath and fatigue, but there was self-confidence and a sea of energy!

Note! Many people decide to do running for weight loss. However, it is worth knowing how to jog to lose weight. ? ? ?

Conner Rensh (minus 60 kg)

Conner of RENs, a resident of Nebraska, since his youth suffered from ridicule and bullying because of her weight. She isolated herself from society and plunged into depression, which began to gain weight even more. As a result, its weight reached 120 kg.

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Happy Motivational Monday! We all carry things inside of us that no one knows we are struggling with. When I was obese, my weight was my armor. If I was overweight, no one could get close to me, so no one could hurt me. Losing weight is more than a physical change. It's an emotional and spiritual decision to allow people in. Which also means opening yourself up to pain. Which can hurt... Really hurt. What I realized, though, is pain is a part of life. And when you FEEL, you LIVE, you GROW. You grow into the person you were always mean to be. Everything happens for a reason, and I know my struggle made me the person I am today. When you decide to shed that armor and become vulnerable, YOU THRIVE. I promise. Stay Beautiful ?? #believeinyourbeautiful #crew #mybutterflyjourney . . . . #knowyourworth#weightloss#weightlosstransformation#beforeandafter#fitness #fitfam #fitchicks #cleaning #exercise #inspire #inspired #motivate #motivation#teamnodaysoff #biggestloser #weightwatchers #rp #weightloss#cardio#fashion#photooftheday #picoftheday #newyear#trainandtransform

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That's when Conner decided to declare war on excess kilograms. She excluded from the diet all potentially dangerous products for the figure and began to engage in sports, including kickboxing, iron lifting and cardio. For 3 weeks of training and proper nutrition, she managed to lose almost 10 kg. This inspired her not to stop on the way to the goal and continue to play sports and eat properly. When the girl managed to lose 60 kg, she plucked up the courage and took part in the beauty contest World Beauty Fitness And Fashion, which took a first place!

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Yuliya Zubkova (minus 27 kg)

After the birth of daughter Julia from miniature the girls turned into a woman with excess weight, exhausted by household chores. At that time she was a little over 20, but less than 30 years no one gave her. The girl began to hate their own reflection in the mirror and tried once again not to weigh in.

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#zubkova_pp_do_and_after . Young and beautiful on the left?. . Right – "tired" thirty-year-old housewife with two children ?. . . #gipolipidemia #will smagliature #dipole #nicolandis #of popularitydue #похуделана27кг #lost #похуделана25кг #of gedeeltelijke #pohodicka #votacion #ziznprekrasna#gopokes

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Weight control Julia decided to start after a small incident at the Mall. The girl decided to try things on, which, she thought, was her size, but the truth was harsh – it didn't fit. On Yulia felt a wave of hysteria and she was determined to lose weight. The girl began to experiment with different methods of weight loss, but the most suitable for her was striped diet ?. She brought good results, but constantly adhere to such a diet can not, so Julia eventually switched to a balanced diet and began to play sports. Also reset weight it helped use water on an empty stomach. This method allows you to activate the metabolism in the morning.

These are the true stories of weight loss give a boost of motivation and a desire to look better. After all, if these girls were able to lose dozens of extra pounds, then you will succeed!

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