Giovanna Antonelli told how to lose weight quickly by 20 kg

Giovanna Antonelli, who played the role of zhadi in the series "Clone", in his 43 years boasts an ideal figure. However, this was not always the case.

In 2010, the celebrity gave birth to twins, and during pregnancy gained 20 kg. Giovanna tried to lose weight, but the weight, as luck would have it, went bad. Then she switched to a strict diet, which was told in an interview.

The Essence of Giovanni's diet Antonelli

In the diet of the diet, which adhere to the actress, consists of only boiled chicken, whole grains and vegetables macramalla. The only allowed fruit is pineapple, as it contains a special enzyme bromelain, which promotes fat burning.

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The Actress admits that she found it difficult to give up your favorite treats - French fries and milk chocolate. However, a beautiful figure is worth it.

Now Giovanna is in great shape, but 7 days a month still practices a strict diet. And on other days the star adheres to a simple principle of a balanced diet.

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For the Sake of a beautiful figure, Giovanna has not only changed your diet but also start to train regularly in the gym. Usually it combines cardio and strength exercises.

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The actress Recently posted on your Instagram training video in the gym. In it, Giovanna looks so fit and powerful that even now she can star in the role of Wonder Woman.

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