Gillian Michaels "Slim figure in 30 days": level 2, video in Russian

The Famous fitness trainer Gillian Michaels ((Jillian Michaels) developed a unique three-level technique "Slim figure in 30 days" in video lessons, which allows you to get rid of the hated kilograms in just a month. Of course, without regular training can not do, will have to deal with hard and every day. However, the result is worth it. As the body gradually gets used to the load, level 2 of the complex "Slim figure in 30 days" from Gillian Miles will seem lighter than the first.

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the story of the emergence complex training facilities

Teenage Jillian Michaels weighed 80 kg with height 160 cm And if it is then someone said that in the future she will become a famous fitness trainer, the girl only laughed in response. Despite this, Gillian since childhood dreamed of losing weight, getting rid of excess weight, which was the cause of many complexes and self-doubt.

The Situation changed dramatically when Gillian I signed up for martial arts lessons. It was there that the realization came that you can achieve respect for others only by respecting yourself. Thanks to a turning point in thinking, the girl realized how to get to a new line of life. As a result, she not only achieved excellent results for herself, but also began to help other people.

Note! The most famous Jillian Michaels brought participation in the reality show and video training programs that were recorded on disks.

Numerous workouts aimed at weight loss have become the basis of Jillian Michaels ' 30-day fitness "Slim figure in 30 days". In General, the video complex is based on the "3-2-1"system. Its essence is as follows:

  • strength exercises – 3 minutes;
  • cardio – 2 minutes;
  • elaboration of abdominal muscles – 1 minute.

Note! Especially hard are the first 2 days of training. As the muscles get used to the loads, the exercises will be easier. As she says Jillian Michaels, already on day 2 of the exercise will be performed easier than the first.

Video in Russian: training with Jillian Michaels – level 2

After Reviewing the video tutorials, you can understand how to perform fitness level 2 on the technique of "Slim figure in 30 days" Gillian Michaels for weight loss. Already at the end of the ten-day period, you can feel how the body has become tightened. If you follow exactly all the recommendations of the coach, the result will not be long in coming.

Second level of training Gillian Miles "Slim figure in 30 days", like the first, begins with a warm-up. Next, exercises that involve different muscle groups are performed. Thanks to this, it is possible to get rid of extra pounds in different parts of the body. One of the features is the alternation of exercises of different intensity, due to which it is possible to start a powerful fat burning process.

To Watch a video training Jillian Michaels "Slim figure 30 days" (2nd level) in Russian language.

What do you need for classes?

The Advantages of the Jillian Michaels weight loss technique for 30 days is that no special training equipment is used to achieve a perfect figure. You can train at home, spending about 20 minutes a day. The only necessary equipment is a pair of dumbbells to 3 pounds. They can be replaced with bottles of water capacity of 0.6 liters in the presence of a specific sports training you can use heavier inventory.

Novice athletes often complain about the lack of visible results, which eventually leads to the termination of training. The causes of inefficiency, as a rule, are violations of the technique of performing exercises. Numerous reviews prove that the video weight loss program Gillian Michaels helps in a short time to achieve a slim body after level 2. Not only that, about efficiency the technique is evidenced by the ideal body of the fitness trainer. During the video lessons she shares her own observations in the field of fitness and healthy eating, gives useful tips.

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