Gillian Michaels: level 1, video in Russian

A Slim figure is the dream of every girl, and her performance begins with the level 1 program "Beginer Shred" for beginners, developed by Jillian Michaels. However, there is no magic here. Toned body – the result of persistent and regular training. The program of video lessons from Gillian Michaels consists of three levels of 10 days each, in total it is designed for 30 days. Training by this method is suitable not only for people who have not played sports for a long time, but also women who are overweight or in the recovery period after childbirth.

For reference! Gillian Michaels herself is a famous female instructor from the USA. She is often invited to television, she is trusted by the stars. Thus, we can safely say that Gillian Michaels is a symbol of women's fitness.

Beginner Shred training – 1 level

The First level of video training with Gillian Michaels for beginners consists of modern fitness trends. It also includes cycles of strength training, cardio programs, exercises to work out the muscles of different groups. Special attention is paid to the abdominal press, which is a pride girls. The lesson begins with stretching, which helps to warm up the muscles and prepare them for the upcoming loads.

In accordance with this method, the intensity of the exercises changes after certain periods, which allows to achieve maximum effect. The first results will be visible after 1 level of fitness program "Slim figure in 30 days" with Gillian Michaels.

Note! Important feature 30-day of programs with Giddian Michaels is that for training does not require complicated equipment. It is enough to lay a gym Mat and pick up a light dumbbell.

After the level 1 workout with Jillian Michaels will be clear that the technique works and the dream of a perfect figure starts to fail.

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Video: training with Gillian Michaels, level 1

Reviews confirm that the 30-day training course Beginner Shred for weight loss with Gillian Michaels helps to find the perfect body. Do can both beginners and experienced athletes.

Video in Russian is for beginners 1 level of training "Beginner Shred" with Gillian Michaels, designed for 30 days.

After level 1 Jillian Michaels recommends to make a break for 1 day, and then again to continue the exercise to achieve a slender figure.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros have programs Beginner Shred with Gillian Michaels quite a lot:

  • gentle load option that allows you to gradually join the sports mode;
  • three-level course with increasing intensity of exercises as the body gets used to the loads;
  • training takes only 20 minutes a day, so it is suitable even for busy women;
  • exercises are simple, but, despite this, effective;
  • study of almost all groups muscles'.

One of the main advantages of the program is cardio load. And if in other techniques used heavy shock jumps, Gillian Michaels prefers simple, but no less effective, aerobic exercise.

Note! Another advantage of fitness with Gillian Michaels is that it is allowed for women in the postpartum period. Effective exercises will help to quickly get rid of excess weight and will not take much time's.

Among the disadvantages of the program Beginner Shred is the following:

  • since the load is quite weak, it is suitable for beginners, and for trained people may be ineffective;
  • in the original workouts with Jillian Michaels are in English, so you'll have to look for video of course the "Slim figure 30 days" on Russian;
  • it is necessary to be engaged daily, breaks in 1 day are allowed only between levels.

As you can see, the disadvantages are much smaller than the advantages. In addition, they are so small that for many will not be an obstacle to the ideal figure.

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