Giardiasis in adults – diet and treatment process

Statistics show that giardiasis affects mainly children. That, in principle, so it is, because the child's body is not as strong as in adults. That is why adults are mostly only carriers of the disease. First, note that the carriers of the disease are mainly flies, which is why their destruction is necessary to make every effort. And this will be considered preventive measures. Secondly, the transitional period in the vegetative form of Giardia last from one to two weeks. This is a hidden form in which to determine whether a person is sick or not, it is simply impossible.

All will be revealed, when the parasites begin to emerge together with faeces. Their body will be so much that he himself to cope with so many simply can not. If you miss the start of treatment, the giardiasis will grow into a chronic form, and this will lead to serious consequences. Giardia will start to multiply quickly and invade other organs. For example, in the liver, in the small intestine, bile ducts. And if these parasites begin to affect the organs of a person with hepatitis, the situation is aggravated several times. So in any case, lamblias adults only need to be treated.

Symptoms of giardiasis in adults

First of all, appetite will begin to disappear, weight will necessarily decrease, the General weakness of the body, often there are pains in the navel area, stool is disturbed, bloating occurs. If we talk about weight loss, we note that Giardia just steal food from a person. They eat everything that enters the small intestine, namely through it nutrients enter the human body. When their number does not exceed the norm, their activity is not felt, it is simply invisible. But when they become many, and they eat a lot. In addition, parasites settle on the walls of the intestine, creating an obstacle to the penetration of nutrients through it. Harm to get a double.

And that's not all. Giardia, like all parasites, secrete their metabolic products, which are very toxic. The more they become in the body, the more toxins they emit, the consequence of which a person becomes irritable, he is overcome by weakness and insomnia. The most dangerous form of giardiasis in adults is considered to be "film". Doctors say that this unpleasant disease can cause the formation of liver abscesses, and its extreme form – cirrhosis.

Treatment of giardiasis in adults

To make an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct a coprological analysis, immune analysis of feces and intestinal biopsy. The treatment itself is carried out with the help of very toxic drugs, after which the patient undergoes a course of rehabilitation, which can last more than one month. During this period, it is necessary to pay special attention to remove all the effects of Giardia. This is very important Just a moment ....

But before proceeding to the treatment of giardiasis in adults, it is necessary to prepare the patient. That is, it is necessary first of all to improve the enzymatic activity of the intestine. And the more complex the condition of the patient, the longer will have to prepare. Sometimes this period lasts up to two weeks.

At the end of treatment therapeutic procedures are carried out that increase the body's defenses, which will become a reliable barrier in the fight against parasites. This stage is carried out within three weeks. As you can see, to cope with giardiasis in adults, will have to lie in hospital for a long time and spend a lot of money on treatment.

Diet in giardiasis in adults

Food giardiasis is that from the diet is necessary to remove some products.

  • All flour.
  • Sweets.
  • Whole milk. It can be replaced by kefir or clabber.
  • Sausages.
  • From groats can be cannabis corn, rice and buckwheat.
  • Mayonnaise and ketchup.

And here is vegetables and fruits can be eat in any numbers. Cranberry and cowberry juice will also be useful. You can eat lean meat, but only boiled. Salads are best seasoned with vegetable oil. Remove all spices from the diet, salt can be in small quantities. And another important point – take advantage of a separate food, keep in mind that the body received all the necessary nutrients.

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