Get rid of stress by doing exercises with elements of yoga

Stress is always accompanied by muscle tension: muscles located on the back of the neck, shoulders and upper back harden. Tense muscles make it difficult to breathe, which entails only increased anxiety.

When we do relaxing physical exercises, the feeling of stress decreases. In addition, burning of harmful substances formed during stress. Next, consider the 3 exercises that help create comfortable emotional state.

Exercise №1

Sit on the Mat with your legs crossed. As you inhale, slowly raise your hands up.

photo Source: (channel Your Body Mind)

As You exhale, slowly lower yourself down, trying to stretch your arms as far away from your body as possible.

photo Source: (channel Your Body Mind)

Exercise №2

Get on all fours, slightly arching your back and raising your head.

photo Source: (channel Your Body Mind)

Smoothly take the position of "slide".

photo Source: (your Body channel Mind)

Pay attention! Get rid of stress will not only exercise, but also the use of products that improve mood. These include bananas, natural chocolate and salmon.

Exercise 3

This exercise resembles a side bar, but the back should be slightly bent, and look up.

photo Source: (channel Your Body Mind)

It Should be noted that when the stress hormone cortisol, which increases appetite and triggers increased fat storage in the waist area. Therefore, it is important to perform relaxing exercises.

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