Gaining popularity diet 16:8

A Recent study showed that a 16:8 diet really allows you to lose weight and improve your body. Its essence is that food can be consumed only for 8 hours a day. The remaining 16 hours require refusal of food.

Many people think that 16 hours without food is a real torture. However, you can plan your regimen in such a way that you will eat from 10:00 to 18:00. And most of the fasting period will be occupied by sleep. Next, consider what results can be achieved with this system losing weight.

Results of the study

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In a study published by the journal Nutrition and Healthy Aging, attended by 23 people with obesity. For 12 weeks they were on a 16:8 diet.

It is Worth noting that every day for 16 hours the study participants drank only water, black tea and coffee without any additives. And for the next 8 hours, they ate whatever they wanted.  

After 3 months, the researchers concluded that all participants lost about 15 kg and reduced their blood pressure. And this despite the fact that their food was not limited in calories! Promising, isn't it?


What's the catch?

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It is Important to note that this was a very small study, so based on it, no global conclusions can be drawn. In addition, the participants were patients who were obese. It is impossible to say exactly how this diet will affect people who want to lose just a few kilograms'. Famous nutritionist and writer Beth Warren believes that we will have to conduct many more studies before we can see how effectively the diet 16:8 and what results are for different groups of people.

Pay attention! Diet 16:8 has many varieties. For example, a diet of 5:2 (for 5 days of the week you stick to your usual diet, and the last 2 days reduce it by 4-6 times).  

How it works diet 16:8

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Diet 16:8 helps to lose weight by refusing to eat in the evening and before going to bed, which is often the cause of overweight. Also, this weight loss system allows you to achieve a state of ketosis (when the body lacks carbohydrates and as an additional source of energy, it begins to use fat, splitting their.)

The Downside of the diet is that in modern realities it is difficult to adhere to. After all, you can be invited to a party or celebration, which is scheduled for the hours of your refusal to eat.

It Can be concluded that the 16:8 diet does work, but it needs more research.

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