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training for 20 minutes, photos20 minutes is one series of your favorite sitcom, a medium-length conversation with a girlfriend, or just time spent reading unnecessary information on the Internet. Each person has 20 minutes, and modern fitness technologies allow to spend them with benefit for a figure, strengthening muscles and burning fat. This training is based on the principles of VIIT (high-intensity interval training) – activate the maximum of muscles, accelerate the pulse, get the result twice as fast.

Training plan: we perform every day, in the "working noon", in the evening or instead of charging.

Warm-Up: not required, the first exercise is warm-up.

Plan: perform each movement for 1 minute, repeat the "circle" three to four times. Before returning to normal activities, for two minutes walk around the room, shake and relax your hands and feet or perform easy stretching.

Exercise 1 "Caterpillar" and jump
Work: press, back, thighs and buttocks, arms, chest muscles as stabilizers.

Stand up straight, sink down into a forward bend, pull the belly, touch the hands of sex. We transfer part of the body weight on the hands and walk them on the floor until we take the position of the high stop – the palms under the shoulders, feet on the toes, the press is tense (photo). In this pose we take the blades to the pelvis and stand at least 2 accounts, go back, straighten, and from the rack slightly jump up.

Exercise 2. Squats-jumping
Work: all muscles of legs and buttocks, press and back as stabilizers. This movement is considered one of the best fat burning exercises, it increases the pulse and allows you to increase calorie consumption.

Get Down in a squat – thighs parallel to floor, stomach in, body slightly tilted forward, but the back remains straight. Arms outstretched in front of him. Reducing the muscles of the legs and buttocks, jump up and stretch your arms up, gently land.

Exercise 3. "Attitude" and forward
Work: muscles back, buttocks and back thigh, waist muscles. Press as stabilizer. Exercise improves balance, reduces muscle volume, and quickly tighten the waist area.

Get up straight, move the bent right leg back, while bringing up slightly bent arms. It turns out "attitude" – a movement from the ballet. Then we derive the weight of the foot forward, sink down into the lunge and twist to the bent thigh. Go back to the rack and repeat. First perform the movement for 30 seconds with one leg, then the other.

Exercise 4 "Jump to lunge"
Work: deep abdominal muscles, arms, shoulders, back, muscles of the anterior thigh. Exercise causes a significant metabolic response. According to scientists, even after 3-4 hours after 1 minute of jumps, the body continues to rapidly burn fat.

Adopt high focus, jump to print right foot forward to the hand, return to the starting position, then change legs and repeat until the time is "over". If you can not perform the exercise as described, replace it with alternate bringing the knees to the stomach, this movement will also effectively work your press.

Exercise 5. "Crab"
Work: muscles of back, arms, buttocks and press. This exercise "unfolds" the shoulders and improves posture. At the same time, its dynamic performing allows you to consume calories quickly.

Take the emphasis in the pose of a table. First, sit on the buttocks, then tear the pelvis off the floor, pull the stomach, tear off the opposite arm and leg from the floor, perform a change of arms and legs.

This small complex will allow you to prepare for more serious studies. A couple of months after the start of training, go to TABATA exercises, or look for a short circular complex with free Libra – dumbbells or kettlebells will help to avoid adaptation and enhance the effect of the work.

Fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – for http://www.AzbukaDiet.ru/.

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