Fruit massage

Fruit massage

Massage has become such a common procedure that resourceful specialists in this field are coming up with new ways to attract customers. Thus, various techniques, methods with the use of various components aimed at toning or relaxation, rejuvenation or improvement of the skin are developed.

Fruit massage – what is it?

This procedure is quite exotic. She comes from America. Oddly enough, I opened it is not the doctors, beauticians, farmers. From an overabundance of fruit harvest, they began to come up with new ways to implement it and at the same time earning moneys'.

Fruit massage

Fruit massage is based not so much on technical aspects, but on originality, imagination and creativity. As it became clear from the name, the basis of this method – fruits and berries in combination with natural oils. Their use is obvious:

  1. due To the rich vitamin and mineral complexes that are present in various fruits, the skin is saturated with nutrients.
  2. This massage is extremely relaxing, satisfying, and fills the skin and body with positive energy. With it, the skin gets young, becomes soft, smooth, and beautiful to look at, and touch.
  3. Acting on the surface of the skin, the components by which the procedure is carried out, contribute to the cleansing of the skin, protecting it from harmful factors and influences, as well as from too early aging.
  4. Massage with fruit helps to cope with cellulite.

Fruit massage

But not only cosmetic problems will help solve such approach. It is also a great way to strengthen your immune system, protect the body from neurological disorders, colds, and improve stress resistance to temperature changes, weather changes or weakness and beriberi in spring and autumn. And all thanks to the high content of nutrients, oils, filling berries and fruit.

Advantages of the procedure

The Main purpose of this procedure is to relax, get rid of stress and negativity. This target destination is derived and the technique used in the implementation. Fruit massage is carried out gently, smoothly, without pressing and movements'. The main techniques that are used during the procedure – stroking and kneading. You can only use the flesh, which should be gently rubbed into the skin, and you can use the skin. By the way, in many fruits it is the peel that concentrates the largest amount of all nutrients and vitamins. For example, any citrus through the peel transmits a complex of vitamins and antioxidants to protect the body from the harmful effects of microbes and bacteria's.

One of the most common and optimal fruits for the procedure – tangerines and pomegranates. They have a lot of substances that protect and restore the skin. The choice of fruit depends on the individual characteristics: skin type, the presence of allergic reactions to a particular fruit, the goal of the procedure. In this regard, a variety of components can be the widest – and apples, and citrus, and pears, and persimmons, and elderberries. If it goes about exotic expensive procedures, here are added mango, pineapple, avocado, papaya, etc.

Fruit Massage: contraindications

There are certain groups of patients to whom fruit massage is most beneficial. These are those people who suffer from neurological disorders, are prone to stressful situations, often get tired. If you have any fungal infections or malignant tumors, then this procedure will have to be abandoned. But even if you are in good health, you can just enjoy this massage.

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