From cuppy cake in supermodel: a story of transformation Kati Peshkova

Just a few years ago, Perm Katia Peshkova was an ordinary girl from a family of engineers and at the age of 14 she weighed about 90 kg. Because of her excess weight, she was often bullied at school and given offensive nicknames.

But now Catherine – a successful model with a stunning figure, collaborating with Giorgio Armani and Roberto Cavalli. How did she go from a doughnut to a supermodel?

History Transfiguration

Model agent Svetlana noticed Katya on the street. The girl had good potential, but she had to work on her figure. Having received a tempting offer, Peshkova pulled herself together and decided to get rid of excess weight.

photo Source: (channel Leila Kapustina)

Previously, Kathy was a common thing to eat pasta, burgers, crackers and wash it down with lemonade. But now it was over. The girl began to try various popular diets (buckwheat, oat, etc.).), but quickly disappointed in them. They gave only short-term result, and the dropped kilograms soon "stuck" back. 

In the end, Kate went the other way: start to learn basics of proper nutrition ?, drink plenty of clean water and lead a healthy life. The young beauty had no money to buy a subscription to a fitness club, so she trained at home on video on YouTube.

photo Source: (channel Leila Kapustina)

Katya's Efforts were not in vain: she lost a third of her original weight. With the growth of 176 cm, she began to weigh 60 kg. the First test images of Katia liked the foreign partners of the Agency, who eventually invited her to work in Japan. After shooting in Asian Vogue with pawn began to cooperate fashion house Giorgio Armani, Alberta Ferretti and Roberto Cavalli.

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The Story of Katie Peshkova like a fairy tale, but the transformation had cost her great effort. This girl serves as a visual an example of what can change your life everyone!

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