French two-week diet

the French dietFrench women at all times was considered the most slender and not tolstushki women in the world. We wonder why and how? Of course, there is a secret nutrition, which can follow and we, he described M. Guiliano in book "Why French women not get fat" is that you need to eat little, slowly, deliberately, coming to the process of absorption of food as a ritual. And, of course, drink a lot of water. There are also varieties of French diets that have become popular: this is the Dukan diet, the meaning of which is the use of exclusively high-protein food; and, for example, the M. Gesture diet, which is called the "onion soup diet".

They are based on the classic two-week French diet, weight loss which occurs precisely due to its minimum caloric content. Diet menu clearly recorded deviation from it is forbidden.

You can Not eat the following products on the French diet: sugar and salt, flour products, a variety of sweets, fruit juices, alcohol, brines.

The Basis of the French diet is:

  • Fish
  • lean meat, poultry
  • Eggs (mainly proteins)
  • Vegetables and greens
  • Fresh fruit
  • Toasts (exclusively from rye bread)
  • Cereals

It is Important to remember that more than 1500 kilocalories should not be consumed per day. not enough for normal life, but it is assumed that the lack of fat and carbohydrates the body will make up for the existing body fat, and why they will decrease. Practice shows that adhering to the French diet for two weeks, you can lose 8 pounds.

the French diet

Since the French diet is really strict, before you "sit" on it, you really need to consult a doctor. If you have problems with the heart, stomach or kidneys, then the French diet should be abandoned. It is necessary to choose a different system of weight loss and those who suffer or have just had chronic diseases. Diet can not be called useful and balanced, therefore, it can be repeated no more than once every six months.

Sample menu French diet:

  • Day 1
    Breakfast: a Cup of black unsweetened coffee
    Lunch: lettuce, fresh tomato and 2 boiled eggs
    Dinner: lettuce and boiled lean beef
  • Day 2
    Breakfast: a Cup of black unsweetened coffee and toast
    Lunch: a piece of boiled lean meat
    Dinner: lettuce and lean ham
  • Day 3
    Breakfast: a Cup of black unsweetened coffee, toast
    Lunch: carrot, tomato, orange
    Dinner: lettuce, 2 boiled eggs, boiled lean meat
  • Day 4
    Breakfast: a Cup of black unsweetened coffee and toast
    Lunch: Fresh carrots, low-fat cheese, 1 boiled egg
    Dinner: fruit salad, a glass of kefir
  • Day 5
    Breakfast: salad carrots with a dressing of lemon juice
    Lunch: fish (boiled or steamed), tomato
    Dinner: some boiled lean meat
  • Day 6
    Breakfast: Cup of black coffee without sugar
    Lunch: lettuce and boiled chicken breast
    Dinner: boiled lean beef
  • Day 7
    Breakfast: a Cup of green tea, can be with lemon
    Lunch: boiled chicken breast or lean meat, fruit
    Dinner: a piece of lean ham

This menu is repeated in the second week of the diet.


  • If you feel unwell, stop the diet, go to proper nutrition.
  • If possible, during diet, exercise, exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water and take vitamin complex (as recommended by your doctor).

Diet is a difficult test, but with the right motivation you are sure to succeed, and we wish you patience and health!

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