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Fractional powerWhat is fractional power? The basic rule of fractional power:

  • Must be eaten every 2.5-3 hours.
  • 5-6 meals a day in small portions, even while maintaining the total number of calories consumed with food, will already allow you to lose weight.

    But if it is necessary thoroughly to lose weight have to rethink your diet in terms of caloric content, and choosing the right ones products.

    To eating 5 times a day, should be treated seriously, be sure priderzhivatsya mode.

    Why such interval:

    Digestion of food takes 2 to 2.5 hours, if there is more, the previous food has not had time to digest.

    Fractional powerFractional nutrition for weight loss: results

    Advantages of fractional power

    • six meals for weight loss as well as eating 5 times per day, will maintain a stable and high metabolism, and this means – more calories will be spent in day.
    • Frequent meals is the best method to control appetite. Knowing that after 3 hours diet on the clock allows you to eat, not have a desire to eat "from the belly" now.

    The Problem is very low-calorie diets:

    • strong feeling hunger, which necessarily accompanies the "hungry" diet – a signal that the body began to prepare for the storage of fat.

    When feeding 1-2 times a day:

    • if you rarely eat – the body breaks down fat instead of muscle,
    • and after a hearty meal, especially if you have eaten "harmful" foods, jumps insulin levels, as a result of calories immediately deposited in the fat.

    Fractional diet

    Per day 3 times need to eat a hot meal, 2 times easily bite and eat one piece of sweet.

    How does fractional power? Within an hour of getting up, make up your meal menu for the day. The first thing to do after that – Breakfast. Breakfast should be hot. In the morning, when eating 5 times, by the hour , for weight loss, you can eat almost everything, especially if you just want maintain weight, if you want to lose weight – it is necessary to limit the amount of sweet per day.

    It is Recommended to eat the maximum amount of carbohydrates in the first 2-3 doses, and in the late afternoon to eat mainly proteins and vegetables.
    At the same time protein products should be in every meal.

    A Simple guide on the number – portion may be palm-sized or amount with a glass.


    Buy a small miniature Cutlery: plates, cups, forks and spoons

    Snacks should contain useful products, you can not eat, for example, a chocolate bar or chips.

    An hour before bedtime you can drink kefir or vegetable juice.
    Fractional power
    Diet "eat every 3 hours" – will get the right amount nutrients and fiber and vitamins.

    Fractional nutrition for weight loss

    Feeding on a fractional basis, using a six-dose diet, a woman should consume 1200-1600 Kcal per day. All this is shared for weight loss.

    And deviations, both upwards and down the side can interfere with weight loss.

    • If the caloric content of your daily diet is far from the recommended figures, reduce or increase it should be gradually.
    • If you have long been hooked on a strict diet, and consume 800-1000 Kcal per day, to move to a fractional diet for weight loss, you need to gradually increase caloric intake while increasing daily physical activity.

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    Please Note that to start the process of burning fat six-dose diet, it is necessary that the diet, present:

    • omega-polyunsaturated fatty acids (found in unrefined olive oil, fish oil, mustard or linseed oil),
    • enough water,
    • vitamins and minerals. (Read more: what is needed vitamins on diet.)

    Taking into account this information and adhering to the tips for weight loss, you are one step closer to your dream – to lose weight.

      Approximate menu of fractional nutrition for weight loss

      • Breakfast – porridge or muesli, whole grain bread sandwich with cheese, fruit, tea with honey or coffee with milk.
      • Snack – natural yogurt or fruit, grain bread.
      • Lunch – portion of soup or vegetable garnish (salad) and lean meat.
      • Snack – cottage cheese, tea with low-calorie dessert.
      • Dinner – fish (or boiled eggs, or cheese, or meat) with vegetable garnish.
      • Before going to bed – a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt.

      Recommended: to make a menu for meals 5 times a day day take advantage of our online calorie counter.

      About the results of the fractional weight loss for nutrition you can read below the pages of the reviews.

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