Four great exercises against back fat

Fat is the insidious enemy that is fighting a lot of women. He is very cunning and sophisticated, so sometimes it is difficult to cope with it. One common case that is a vivid illustration is when it can lurk on your back.

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How to lose excess fat from the back? After all, it not only spoils the figure, forming ugly folds, but also harms healthy posture!

Specifically to address this problem is a set of exercises. If you do it regularly, it will help to get rid of fat on the back in a short time.

№ 1. Exercise with a pole

To perform this exercise, you can use any pole or even an ordinary MOP to wash the floor. Put her on your shoulders and hold her with both hands. This will help your back stay perfectly straight throughout the exercise.

Slowly lean forward, trying to bend down as low as possible without changing the position of the hands, and then slowly return to the starting position. Make several sets of 10-15 times.

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№ 2. Exercise with a chair and dumbbells

To perform the next exercise, you will need a chair on which you will be comfortable to lean. Stand on it with one knee, leaving the other leg straight. Lean on a chair with one hand: if the right leg is bent in the knee – right, if left – left. In the other hand, take the dumbbell.

The hand with the dumbbell in the starting position should not be napryadennaya: she should be free to hang perpendicular to the floor. Then lift the dumbbell at the chest, so that the body at the same time slightly turned to the side, and the elbow of the bent arm went back.

When performing exercises work well the muscles of the upper arms and shoulders. Repeat it 15-20 times on each hand.

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№ 3. Exercise with dumbbells sitting

To perform the next exercise, sit on a chair and lean forward slightly. Hand holding a dumbbell, should hang freely perpendicular to the floor and be relaxed.

Jerk Your arms apart so that they are parallel to the floor and tense, and then return to the starting position, relaxing again. Make several sets of 10-15 times.

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№ 4. Dumbbell exercise standing

To perform the next exercise, stand up, lean forward and bend your knees slightly. Hold the dumbbells in your outstretched arms and then lift them to your chest. Elbows should go back. Make several sets of 10-15 times.

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It was an effective exercise that will help you get rid of fat on your back. To achieve the desired result, follow them regularly, trying not to miss classes. In addition, watch your diet: the diet should be healthy and low-calorie. Avoid fatty or rich food, and give up soda.

Tell about this article friends, to and they could get rid of excess fat and to remove pleats on back.

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