Found the most "main" gene of obesity

a Group of scientists from Spain, USA and Canada have identified a new gene that appears to be the main cause of obesity in humans. The name of the gene IRX3. According to the researchers, this gene serves as a regulator of the size of the fat layer. Earlier, 7 years ago, it was found that the FTO gene can be the main gene for obesity. However, now scientists believe that much more advanced in terms of scientific research and better understand the mechanisms of the emergence of excess weights.

Marcelo Nobrega, one of the main authors of the study says: "Now we know for sure that THE irx3 gene regulates body weight and directly affects it. In addition, this gene affects the FTO gene." If in 2007 year scientists were confident that the FTO is the main cause of obesity, it is now precisely established that it is always preceded by IRX3. Experiments on mice have shown that if you damage the irx3 gene, the weight of rodents becomes much less.

However, so far failed to find out in details what processes does the gene. Scientists hope that a detailed study of IRX3 will create a drug that can defeat diabetes and obesity.

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