Fortifying vitamins for immunity: an overview of the most important vitamins.

Fortifying vitamins for immunity

The Main reason why immunity is reduced is the unfavorable environmental situation – a high amount of chemicals introduced into the soil, polluted air, poor quality water. The body's resistance is also reduced by poor-quality food – it contains a large number of stabilizers, dyes, preservatives, a high concentration of sugar. Effervescent, acidic drinks with substitute substances sugar, significantly reduce the protective functions of the body and destroy a healthy cellular environment.

So periodically should to accept immune enhancing vitamins, which are able to support the body during adverse conditions. Lack of vitamins and minerals, overweight, starvation – all this adversely affects the state of immunity. Physical and mental overloads, microbes and bacteria, viral infections, regular stresses, taking antibiotics is also not good for us, and poor rest and lack of sleep greatly weaken the immune system.

What vitamins should I take to strengthen my immune system?

Strengthening vitamins

General Strengthening vitamins to raise immunity are extremely important, because if the body, for example, lacks vitamin A – there is a sharp decrease in the reaction against foreign proteins entering the body. Vitamins for immunity group is good helpers in the stimulation of the body's defenses during the period of decline or increased physical activity. Vitamin C acts as a regulator of the rate of production of antibodies in the body, which fight infections.

Vitamin D improves the process of absorption of calcium and phosphorus, as well as their entry into the bone tissue, and vitamin E – is a powerful antioxidant that prevents the destruction of cells. Vitamin P increases the body's resistance to various infections and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and PP – improves the process of digestion. Biotin is involved in the metabolism of amino acids and the synthesis of fatty acids, but its lack is very strongly felt in children.

In both adults and children due to hypovitaminosis at least one of the main vitamins and minerals can develop adverse symptoms, worsen health and the body's ability to resist pathogenic microbes.

Vitamins D, PP, C, F, B5 and A are key vitamins to boost immunity for both adults and children. It is especially important that children do not experience a deficit in them, because the child's body is the most vulnerable. Vitamins for children are recommended to take in complex according to age, but it is better to diversify diet, all the nutrients kids get from food. It is in this form that vitamins are better absorbed and, accordingly, are more effective for increasing the resistance of the immune system in a growing organism.

It is Important to remember that vitamins themselves are not a medicine, but if it happened that a person became ill, their additional intake will help to overcome the disease faster. If You suffer from frequent colds or sinusitis, take vitamin complexes high in C, PP, A, B. vitamins E, PP, C, B12 will be beneficial For regular headaches and migraines. In gastric ulcer or gastritis, the body needs more vitamins B12, B2 and H.

Important minerals to strengthen the immune system

Mineral substances play a Special role in the metabolic processes of the body:

  • iron is important for correct process blood formation;
  • zinc is needed for functioning of the nervous system, phosphorus – bone;
  • magnesium is necessary to maintain normal blood pressure;
  • potassium helps to remove excess fluid from the body.

Most of all, the human body needs additional support after recent infections, during pregnancy and lactation, with various inflammatory processes, decline in strength or beriberi. It is important to remember that vitamins will not solve all Your health problems, and their reception should be approached wisely. It is best to take vitamins as prescribed by a doctor, because their thoughtless reception can provoke an overdose and cause serserious harm to the body.

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