Foods with negative caloric content: a list of foods with negative caloric content and their benefits for weight loss

The negative calorie Foods represent highly digestible food with low energy value. In other words, the body has to spend more calories digesting than it gets with such food. Is it possible?

The negative calorie foods myth or truth?

Negative calorie foods – how is this possible?

Products with a negative value, improve the digestive process. Included in the food enzymes and really strengthen the immune system, which allows us to talk about the General improvement human body.

The Negative dynamics in the digestion of food was discovered recently, but has already received a wide public response. According to nutritionists, negative calorie foods increases the chances of weight loss. At the same time, you do not need to exhaust yourself with daily training, fasting and strict diets. How it works?

Ingested food requires energy in order to digest. Therefore, the process of digestion "takes" the nutritional value of the products.

  • protein (meat, fish, dairy products) – loses about 40% of energy value;
  • fats – lose only 5% of the original number of calories;
  • carbohydrates (bakery and sweet dishes) – lose about 7% of their energy value.

On the basis of the obtained parameters it is seen that the negative caloric content of edible supplies is no more than usual myth.

note! Water and tea have an approximate energy value of 0%!

The Effectiveness of the products of a negative calorie

The Effectiveness of food supplies with negative energy value still worries many people trying to lose weight through diets. But even if you estimate that this food does not give nutritional value, you will get about the following picture:

The negative calorie foods myth or truth?

  1. a combination of the traditional food products of the categories "negative" caloric value will not bring relief. The explanation is quite simple. This will not help to lose weight if the esophagus will continue to receive fats and carbohydrates from sausages, flour, sweet and fat. Products with zero energy do not eliminate excess, which means that fat will continue to be deposited on the sides and abdomen.
  2. Eating food from the category of "minus" calorie products will lead to the fact that the body will adapt to the flow of low-calorie "fuel" and will switch to a minimum energy consumption mode.
  3. Finally, these products do not enrich us with fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Easily guess that the lack of nutrients will affect the overall health of a losing weight person.

How to enhance the efficacy of low-calorie food?

However, it should not be stated that low-calorie foods are useless. They can be effective if properly "used".

The negative calorie foods myth or truth?

  • Gradual inclusion in the diet – do not need to move only to products with "negative" caloric content, enough replace them with some types of dishes of your diet.
  • Filling snacks – eat a green Apple or egg instead of a sandwich.
  • Combination – another good option is to combine products with zero energy value and conventional products, such as cottage cheese with dried fruits or sandwich with cucumber and tomatoes.

Foods with negative calorie

Go to the most important section of the article – list zero calorie foods:

  • Vegetables – common and cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, beets, beans, squash and other vegetables from the garden;
  • Greens – consists of celery, parsley, dill, spinach, Basil and lettuce;
  • Fruits – represented by apples, peaches, oranges, apricots, plums;
  • Berries – watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, BlackBerry, currant.

The negative calorie foods myth or truth?

The negative calorie foods myth or truth?

Another category of food with zero energy value is spices and seasonings. They speed up your metabolism and better assimilation of the incoming food. During the day, drink more water and green tea. Liquids affect metabolism and prevent aging.

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