Food for gastric ulcer: General principles of nutrition, menu for days of the week and recipes for gastric ulcer

due to the fact that food today often contain harmful components, gastric ulcer occurs in almost every third inhabitant of the planet. Non-compliance with the diet and other factors also contribute to the development of the disease. Diet in gastric ulcer is considered an important condition that must be observed for a full treatment.

General principles of the ulcer diet stomach

Properly formulated diet makes it possible to avoid complications. The main conditions are prohibitions on the use of fatty, fried, spicy, excessively cold or hot food. Of great importance is the fractional power.

Note: the Intervals between meals should be a maximum of three hours. Enough to fit one portion in the palm of your hand.

Restriction in the diet does not mean reducing the caloric content of food. Their total energy value should be 3000 kcal per day. We'll have to give up products that increase the formation of gases in the intestine. The amount of salt consumed should be minimized. For cooking should use products that do not have an irritating effect on the walls of the stomach.

Doctors recommend their patients to adhere to the principle of zigzag nutrition. It consists in the short-term use of food from list of prohibited. Then you need to return to the diet. This principle is used to train the digestive system and is prohibited in exacerbations of the disease.

It Is difficult to diagnose a stomach ulcer in a pregnant woman. However, it is believed that this disease does not threaten pregnant women, since the risk of peptic ulcer is reduced. However, you need to monitor your diet.

Note: the Diet for each patient is made individually, with taking into account his age, weight, form of the disease and other indicators. The diet should be observed for at least a year after the completion of the acute stage.

What not to eat with a stomach ulcer?

Not recommended (list):

  • unrefined oils;
  • primary broths;
  • mushrooms;
  • fatty meat and fish (including lamb);
  • products with high acid content (sorrel, currant, citrus and other);
  • canned products;
  • corn, wild rice, barley;
  • tomatoes and dishes with their use;
  • vegetables with fiber, difficult to digest (legumes, radish and others);
  • apricots, nuts, dried fruits;
  • chocolate;
  • drinks with gas content;
  • alcohol;
  • muffin;
  • spices, spicy sauces;
  • strong tea, coffee.

Food for a stomach ulcer: what we need to refuse

It is Undesirable to eat rye bread.

What can I eat with stomach ulcer?

Permitted to use

  • bread baked from wheat flour (better stale or dried);
  • fresh baked pastries;
  • soups cooked on secondary broth;
  • Galette cookies;
  • crackers;
  • dairy products with a small percentage of fat;
  • cereals (except prohibited);
  • and pasta.

Sweet, you can choose honey, jam, candy, jam. Allowed to use milk and cereal soups. It is allowed to include low-fat meat (rabbit, beef, Turkey) in the diet. Fruits and berries are not banned, but they need to remove the peel. Allowed to use in food low-fat fish. Should drink broth hips, weak tea, fruit drinks, diluted juices.

Food for a stomach ulcer: what we need to refuse

3 therapeutic products for gastric ulcer

There Are data on three products that help to fight disease. It's cabbage, honey and milk. It is necessary to include in the diet is not just cabbage, but its juice, which contains anti-ulcer vitamin. Milk envelops the mucous membrane of the stomach and prevents the negative effects of other products. Honey has the property to relieve inflammation and to protect from the effects of hydrochloric acid.

Can I eat, drink...?

Often patients suffering from gastric ulcer ask questions about their diet. Here are the three common ones:

  1. is it Possible to consume kefir? At the stage of exacerbation of the disease it is prohibited. In other cases, it can be drunk only if it is not sour and fresh.
  2. Why can't tomatoes? They are also prohibited only during the exacerbation of the disease. At the stage of remission, tomatoes can be included in a small amount in the diet, removing the skin from them.
  3. is it Allowed to drink alcoholic beverages and smoke? Bad habits are prohibited in all diseases. In peptic ulcer disease, they are strongly not recommended, because alcohol and Smoking irritate the stomach.

The Menu for the week for a stomach ulcer (table No. 1)


  1. Breakfast – tea and a slice of loaf, scrambled eggs.
  2. Second Breakfast – Apple and low-fat yogurt.
  3. Lunch – light soup, meatballs, potatoes in the form of mashed and jellied.
  4. Snack – milk and a few crackers.
  5. Dinner – fish on couple of, tea.


  1. Breakfast - porridge from any non-prohibited cereals, fruit jelly.
  2. Second Breakfast - pudding and tea.
  3. Lunch – vegetable soup, mashed, potato casserole and fruit mousse.
  4. afternoon Snack - banana and kefir.
  5. Dinner - mashed potatoes, meatballs aspics.


  1. Breakfast - milk porridge and compote.
  2. Second Breakfast – oat-based jelly, cottage cheese.
  3. Lunch - vermicelli lean soup, buckwheat porridge with pike, tea.
  4. afternoon Snack - yogurt with crackers.
  5. Dinner - pilaf with beef meat and jelly.


  1. Breakfast – semolina porridge, crackers and jelly.
  2. Second Breakfast - snowballs with tea.
  3. afternoon Snack – Apple and yogurt.
  4. Lunch – soup on chicken broth, vermicelli, meat souffle.
  5. Dinner – vegetable salad, mashed potatoes, vegetables, Turkey in aspic.


  1. Breakfast – semolina porridge, tea with jam.
  2. Second Breakfast – cottage cheese dumplings, strawberry cocktail.
  3. Lunch – meat broth, stuffed zucchini, broth of wild rose.
  4. afternoon Snack – fruit salad and berry cocktail.
  5. Dinner – language boiled, mashed potatoes, compote.


  1. Breakfast – milk soup, tea.
  2. lunch puree of beets and fermented baked milk.
  3. Lunch - herring with vegetables, fruit soup, biscuit using proteins, tea.
  4. afternoon Snack – yogurt and fruit pudding.
  5. Dinner – boiled cod, porridge, jelly.


  1. Breakfast – boiled vermicelli, cheese, tea.
  2. Second Breakfast – cottage cheese casserole and fruit mousse.
  3. Lunch – meat with potatoes, vegetable soup, compote.
  4. afternoon Snack – Apple and jelly.
  5. Dinner – kefir, boiled beef, mashed potatoes, compote.

Daily at night can drink a glass of milk. So, at home you can recover from this diseases.

Recipes for gastric ulcer

Food for a stomach ulcer: what we need to refuse

Below are three recipes:

  1. Risotto. Celery root and carrots are peeled and lowered in a small amount of water. Rice (4 tbsp) cooked until tender and mixed with vegetables. After that, all the products are moved to the mold, filled with milk mixed with egg. The dish is baked until cooked.
  2. Snowballs. Two eggs, 125 g milk, small amount of flour, 2 tablespoons powdered sugar. Egg whites whipped with powder and flour, fall for a short time in boiling milk (about 5 minutes). The dish is filled with sauce (egg yolks and powder mixed with hot milk).
  3. Turkey Aspic. Boiled and chilled meat is cut into slices. Carrots are cooked until tender. Jelly (water and gelatin) is prepared and added to boiling carrots. The dish is salted and filtered. Added chopped herbs (dill and parsley), meat, carrots. The dish freezes.

There are many other recipes for preparing diet meals for stomach ulcers.

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