Food diary as a way to lose weight

If you do not want to torment yourself with diets, and without them you can not control your diet and lose weight, try to keep a food diary.

Effective practical advice for those who want to keep their weight normal – also keeping a diary.

    In a food diary recorded all of what is eaten for a day.

At first glance it may seem empty pastime, will try to find advantages of keeping a diet diary's.

Lead food diary for weight loss

1. Many of those who can not reach the desired weight, believe that they eat properly and low calorie. This is true, but only during the main meals. Snack under this psychologically not is considered food and not invoiced. If we write down everything we ate, it turns out that the main diet will add cookies, chips, tea with sugar or sweet drinks. Exactly what prevents to lose weight.

2. If you tend to blame yourself when you've eaten some sweetness, keeping a food diary can help plan small indulgences. For example, during the day you ate only low-calorie food, a small piece of pie in the evening in the company you can afford. In this case you will not guilt that is, it is not strange, and is often one of the causes of excess weight.

3. Keeping a diary will allow you to mark the moments when you "frustrated" and eat "empty calories".
For example, it can be a snack at work, when talking to colleagues you eat too many sweet cookies or cupcakes. Or late at night when you came home very hungry.
And then think, how to avoid overeating for example:

  • Bring berries or fruits (dried fruits) to work instead of cookies, take honey instead of sugar.
  • Cook vegetable salad in the morning or put a bowl of fruit in a prominent place.

4. Diary can be a good motivating factor for weight loss especially if you keep it long enough and also record changes in your weight.

You will be able to see when you lose weight and approach your ideal weight. And when you gain weight, for example, it can be associated with stress at home or at work.

5. Constant maintenance of food diary will help to develop self-discipline and self-control.
The thought that you will need to write down the eaten cookies or cake in the diary, can stop you from absorbing it if you are already full. The diary kind of gives you a few moments where you can think about whether you really need to eat another piece.
In addition, you may want to reduce the portion of dessert in the evening, if you reread all that has already eaten for the day.

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