Food able to adjust the biological clock of the human body scientists after much research concluded that any food that a person regularly uses, leads to changes not only in health, General health and weight, but also is able to regulate the biological clock, which performs the role of synchronization of various processes in the human body.

If you make the right diet individually for each person, it can help many people who have different types of diseases, in addition, it is found that insulin performs an important function in synchronizing different processes in the body. Scientists explain that otherwise (desynchronization) the physiological rhythm gets off, and it eventually leads to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels. This information was confirmed by scientists Makoto Akashi (Yamaguchi University).

Previously, it was already proven that the biological clock and synchronization of the processes in the human body is affected by the diurnal cycle. Now scientists have a chance to consider in more detail another issue related to the dependence on the type of food.

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