Followers did not appreciate the joke Anna Khilkevich about facial plastic

Anna Khilkevich is often accused of having "made" her appearance through plastic surgery. Usually the actress leaves such comments without attention, but the other day she decided to pry her haters, and at the same time and fans to arrange a test for a sense of humor.

Than angered subscribers Anna Khilkevich

Anna posted a photo On her instagram page, signing it: "On the way to rhinoplasty, the sponge pumped up. How are you?".

Many subscribers appreciated the sense of humor of the star "Uni" and assured that with the lips she has everything in order. However, some did not understand the joke and attacked Anna with criticism, asking, "and what about natural beauty? and how much for the whistle?".

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Ksenia Borodina, who is also often accused of manipulating her appearance, decided to Support the actress. "I have it every morning. Another veneer a day insert" - ironically wrote the presenter.

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In General, Khilkevich often jokes about his appearance. Recently, she mocked his small stature.

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