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herbs for weight lossBattle with obesity started not today and not one hundred years women it is necessary to make efforts to win obesity which, undoubtedly, suffered at all times. Of course, the girls in those days did not have to exhaust themselves with strict diets to achieve model parameters, but the ideals of female beauty have always existed, though they were more connected with the state of health. And obesity and health are incompatible concepts.


Gathering herbs, made on the basis of their decoctions and settings, with which washed wounds, cured of diseases, were known to our ancestors always. From one generation to another passed herbalists its secret.

And modern conventional medicine recognizes and uses the healing properties of plants, even dedicated special branch of medical science that studies the properties of plants and herbal medicine. And one of the popular areas of herbal medicine today is the use of herbs to get rid of excess weight.

Folk remedies for weight loss always been known for their safety, especially when compared with modern medicines. This, along with the naturalness and it is their main and undeniable advantage. The milder effect of natural fees accelerates metabolism, recovery, purification and rejuvenation of the body. Each plant can have a beneficial effect on several systems of the body, to establish their work and eliminate problems. There is a strengthening of immunity, existing chronic diseases are cured.

Drawback of losing weight with herbs can be considered the need to wait longer time before the results show up.

Herbal Therapists usually advise to use those herbs that grow in the climatic zone of the patient's residence. The therapeutic effect of such plants on the body is softer and more effective. No less important are the right choice of harvest season and quality of plants, ignorance of the features in some cases can negate all the benefits of herbs. Therefore, if you are not an avid herbalist, we recommend buying herbs for weight loss at the pharmacy.


According to the methods of influence of herbs for weight loss can be divided into several categories:

  1. Herb reduces the appetite blunting at the time the feeling of hunger:
    • Herbs that swell in the stomach, filling its volume, so there is a feeling of satiety, fullness of the stomach. These include seeds flax, bran, marshmallow root, Angelica, spirulina seaweed. Eating them will be a good addition to the diet with a reduced number of calories, but, of course, they can not replace normal food.
    • Some plants reduce appetite by enveloping the gastric mucosa.
      Here it is worth remembering that appetite in humans, "civilized" is often merely a conditioned reflex that occurs when looking at delicious food or its appetizing smell and no not related to hunger.
  2. Excess fluid and accumulated slags are frequent companions of overweight. Fix it will undertake plantain, cowberry leaf, burdock, horsetail, bear ears and a number of other herbs. These diuretic herbs for weight loss get rid of excess fluid, along the way purifying the body from toxins and slags.
    It is worth considering that before the use of diuretics charges need to consult with your doctor uncontrolled use can bring to dehydration even a healthy body, and in some diseases their use is contraindicated.
  3. Herbs that contribute to the normalization of the gallbladder and liver. Dandelion, corn stigmas, milk Thistle, barberry, volodushka, immortelle - these plants will help to cope with this task. This improves metabolism, absorption of food, fat does not have time to be deposited in undesirable places.
  4. Clean the bowel and normalize it work, which is important to maintain weight in the normal, help herbs – natural laxatives, different softness of action. You should take sea buckthorn, rhubarb, cumin, dill, anise, buckthorn, licorice and hay grass for weight loss.
    Their use would be a good addition to the diets, and fasting days, if there is a propensity to constipation. We advise you to pay special attention to Senna, it is no wonder now so popular. Without the normal work of the digestive tract it is impossible and effective weight loss.
  5. Promote weight loss and tonic herbs that stimulate metabolism. These are ginger, lemongrass, rosemary, turmeric, Eleutherococcus and ginseng.
    They will give energy and mobility, and, as you know, the more the body spends energy, and hence calories, the faster go and fat reserves. But these plants have a "side effect": they increase appetite.
    All these herbs for weight loss you will find in pharmacy.

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Traditional recipes for weight loss

Mix one part of chicory and dandelion roots and three parts of burdock roots. Pour a tablespoon of boiling water and insist for about an hour, and then strain. Take an infusion of half a glass a day for half an hour before meals, for a month.

Recipes baths for weight loss

Herbs that promote weight loss can take not only in the form of infusions and decoctions, but also in the form of baths. Such baths will be a good addition to diet for weight loss and fitness.

  • Help to lose weight, clean sebaceous glands and pores, stop inflammatory processes will help bath with mother-and-stepmother. To enhance the effect is to add flowers to her calendula.
  • Help on the way to slim figure and baths with birch leaves, plantain and marjoram.

Traditional methods of weight loss with herbs, like all medicinal plants, have their contraindications. Before you start using them, you should consult your doctor.

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