Floating: what is it, contraindications, photos

Today there are a lot of procedures to restore health, and floating is one of them. In the Russian SPA it appeared recently. Therefore, not everyone knows what floating therapy is and what it is intended for. This procedure helps to relax, fully relax and restore the General condition of the body. And this result can be achieved in just one session, the duration of which is not many hours.

Note! Translated to English means floating "float" or "float".


Distinguish between dry and wet floating. The second method is more popular because it allows you to fully experience weightlessness.

Wet floating

The procedure is based on the effect of an English salt solution on the human body. There are such conditions under which there is a feeling of weightlessness, due to which there is relaxation. A person is in a container with a solution of English salt. In appearance, it resembles a bath, but has a lid that can be closed if desired. This achieves an enhanced effect. It creates a feeling of detachment from the outside world.

Note! The capsule used for floating therapy protects from extraneous sounds and allows you to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. This ensures a good quality rest.

The Features of the procedure are as follows:

  • large capsule size – due to this, a person does not feel discomfort;
  • thick wall of the capsule is not miss sounds and light;
  • the solution level is 25 cm;
  • the concentration of the salt solution is higher than in the Dead sea, so that the body is kept on the surface and creates a feeling of weightlessness;
  • water temperature coincides with the temperature of human skin and is approximately 34.8 degrees;
  • duration of one session – from 45 minutes to 1 hour;
  • at the beginning of floating therapy, slow music plays, which helps relax and forget about the problems.

Interesting! As a rule, beginners prefer not to close the capsule. But already on the second or third session fear recedes.

Dry floating

Under dry floating human not immersed in water. There's something in the cell that looks like a bag. During the procedure, it is filled with liquid, which also creates a feeling of weightlessness. However, to fully experience it prevents contact material with the body.

Dry floating method is suitable for people who for some reason can not withstand contact with salt water. For example, they have very sensitive skin.

Photo camera

Photo various float chambers to wet treatments can be seen in the photo following.

Below is a photo camera for dry floating.

Indications for use

The Main feature of floating is a complex effect, due to what is possible to get the maximum relaxation. Since floating is not a therapeutic procedure, there are no direct indications for it.

But it is recommended to use in the following cases:

  • stress;
  • depression;
  • disorders of nervous and psychological character;
  • propensity to cellulite;
  • fatigue;
  • accumulation of toxins.

This procedure can be used as a prevention of premature skin aging. In the end, it is designed for those who just want to be alone with yourself and relax, get a little pleasure from the "weightless" body.


The Benefit of floating is as follows:

  • improves the General condition of the body;
  • toxins are excreted;
  • eliminates pain in the lower back, joints during pregnancy;
  • recuperate;
  • eliminates depression and stress.

During the procedure is complete relaxing the body. In just one floating session, lasting 60 minutes, you can relax as well as in an eight-hour sleep. English salt used for the solution cleanses the body of toxins and removes excess liquid.

Floating is in demand among athletes who want to relax after a tiring workout. It is especially relevant in those cases when you need to relax for a short time.

W capsule for floating in humans instantly improves mood. He is not distracted by extraneous sounds, "goes into himself." Due to the change of thinking, stress is eliminated, depression is removed, nervous tension is removed.

It is Worth noting a few more advantages of floating:

  • helps overly emotional people to "pull yourself together", to slow down and change thinking;
  • improves sleep – with regular sessions can improve sleep for a long time;
  • helps creative people in their work, which is due to the activation of the part of the brain responsible for dreams and emotions;
  • although floating is not used for treatment, it can be used as an additional method of treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • the procedure can be carried out in the rehabilitation period after injuries and operations to recover faster;
  • normalizes blood pressure and frequency pulse;
  • helps muscles relax.

Thus, floating is a useful procedure for many. However, before visiting the SPA, it is better to consult a doctor. The fact is that the procedure has contraindications. Therefore, despite its obvious advantages, in some cases it can harm.


Floating is Not recommended when increased pressure. And although this procedure contributes to its normalization, chronic hypertension should not do it. With minor deviations from the norm, it is not dangerous.

Restrictions are set in the presence of open wounds and skin diseases. Salt irritates the skin and can worsen the condition.

The contraindications of floating it is worth noting epilepsy, inflammatory processes, flowing in the ear, problems with the cardiovascular or respiratory systems. If you feel unwell to do the procedure is also not worth it. In addition, the procedure is contraindicated if the person stays under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Do Not be careless about these contraindications, otherwise you can harm your own health.

Cost floating

The Price of floating in each SPA is different, depending on the reputation of the institution, the duration of the session and other factors. On average, the cost of one procedure in St. Petersburg is 1 200-1 800 rubles. In Moscow prices are higher. One treatment will have to pay not less than 1 500 rubles, and maximal paying for 1 hour – 2 800 rubles.

Thus, floating is a useful and, moreover, relatively inexpensive procedure. However, it is necessary to agree to it only in the absence of contraindications. Otherwise, instead of the expected positive effect, you can harm your body.


You can Get acquainted with the peculiarities of the floating procedure by video.

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