Flat stomach: exercise and diet to make the stomach flat

Flat stomachWell who does not dream about how to gain a flat stomach and thin waist? However, it reduction of fat deposits on the abdomen is accompanied by the maximum number of errors and fitness myths. We spin the Hoop, doing hundreds of sit-UPS, eat some apples and kefir, and treacherous pleat here as here. Yes and open magically way not retracted. The most radical think about liposuction, well, we'll talk about why the numerous "anti-animal" activities do not work and how to make the stomach flat?

Exercises for flat belly

What exercise will not help how to get a flat stomach and why?

"I'm pumping press on 300 times every day, and open not is declining"
Why not running: the rectus abdominis is one of the strongest muscles of the body. It perfectly adapts to loads and practically does not react to the same type of movement. To become a flat stomach, it is necessary to strengthen not only the rectus muscle, but also the transverse and oblique muscles of the press. A classic twisting and lifting of the legs, as a rule, only help to strengthen the straight. As a result, the waist circumference does not change, the stomach is not drawn, and all your great press looks as if you eat buns all day long.

As needed pump press to make the belly flat? Work on a competent power complex:

  • when Performing classic twists, concentrate on maximum retraction of the abdomen, and do not twist shoulders to the middle of the abdomen and ribs to the pelvic bones.
  • be Sure to do the reverse twisting, but try to isolate the movement, do not make swings with your feet.
  • Complete the complex by standing in the plank position for 30-60 seconds, this will help to "pull" the stomach by strengthening the internal muscles.

"I'm doing the bends with dumbbells, and waist is only growing"
Why doesn't it work: Far from it, this movement works perfectly, only it was intended to cause muscle growth, not "dry" and narrow the waist. Women is best in principle to avoid this exercise, do not do it even with light weight or no weights.

Exercises effective for flat stomach: if you want to engage oblique muscles, perform a "side" twist and bike on the floor.

"Side" twisting": Lie on your side, body stretched out in a line from heels to crown. "Upper" leg move forward, elbow "lower" hands rest on the floor. Pull the belly and the strength of the waist muscles tear off the hips and waist from the floor, take a "T"-position, also slowly fall down. Perform 20 repetitions, 2 sets on each side.

"Bicycle": Lie on your back, bend your knees, pull in your abs, hands behind your head. Pull the knee to the stomach and at the same time stretch the elbow to the knee of the opposite leg. Perform 2 approaches, each lasting one minute.

"I spin the Hoop for weight loss and do not lose weight"
Why doesn't it work: the Hoop is a cardio trainer. If you do not have enough pulse to enter the zone of fat burning, you will not lose weight. That is why when choosing a Hoop should not focus on gravity or magnitude, and how convenient it is for you to rotate it with a large amplitude. Do not forget to measure the pulse – if it is less than the number:

"(220 – your age) multiply by 0.6", the fat is not burned.

Right: Even if the wrap gives the necessary intensity is not worth while to throw it on the mezzanine. Your main task is to turn lazy rotation into interval cardio training.

Try the following plan:

  • 5 minutes of rotation of the Hoop at the waist, with average intensity.
  • 1 minute jumping rope.
  • 2 minutes rotation.

Repeat the interval 10 times, twist the Hoop at the waist or hips for a hitch.
And the rotation of the Hoop can be used as a warm-up before strength training. The main thing – to work with full dedication, and not just twist.

"I perform twists, planks, lifts and do not lose weight"
Why it doesn't work: Strength exercises only tighten and strengthen muscles. They don't do anything with fat. You will lose weight, only if you normalize your diet and add cardio for maximum fat burning.

How to achieve a flat stomach: do Not abuse the power movements – work on the press three times a week, alternating training days with days of rest, and be sure to include in the strength training movement to strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

    If you will only to download the press and doing cardio, your figure may change not for the better.

This strategy can ruin your posture, to change gait. In addition, complex exercises like squats, lunges, bench press and pull-UPS on the crossbar involve the press, even if you do not notice. This improves your results and helps to "pull" the stomach.

Diet for flat belly

If your diet includes only fruits and vegetables, and the stomach does not become flat.
Why it doesn't work: Fitness has jargon definition "insulin tummy". If you eat a lot of sweet fruits, bite them between meals, and even systematically include them in your diet, the pancreas throws too much insulin, which, in turn, increases the fat layer. "Helps" this process and the stress experienced by the body from an unbalanced diet.

How to: There is a special nutrition mode to reduce fat layer. It has little to do with our usual "diets for the week."
You must "eat fractional": there are five times a day, but the portion should not exceed 200 grams.

  • be sure to include in the diet of protein, preferably animal, but low fat. Suitable shrimp, chicken Breasts, low-fat cottage cheese.
  • And one reception needs "saturate" useful fatty acids omega-three and omega six. To do this, eat almonds, flax seed or flax cereal special.
  • in the diet Include one serving of cereal, rich in fiber – oatmeal millet, buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice.
  • And be sure to eat 2 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit per day.

Exemplary diet for flat belly looks so:

  • Breakfast: 150 g oatmeal, 1 green Apple, can be baked and add cinnamon. Tea or coffee without the sahara.
  • Second Breakfast: 100 g cottage cheese, 1 orange.
  • Lunch: stewed vegetables and fish.
  • Snack: 30 g almonds.
  • Dinner: 100 grams of shrimp plus a tomato.

Recommended: to make a menu for the day, use our online calorie counter.
A set of exercises to to remove belly fat at home

Make adjustments to your mode and you will be able to proud to show off your flat belly on the beach!

Especially for AzbukaDiet.ru – fitness trainer Elena Selivanova

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