Five products to prolong youth | For weight loss and health

We can't turn back time, but we will try to stretch it. With healthy diet and balanced diet, you will be surprised how good you will feel. And your body!--3--> will be grateful to you. Curious to know what foods you should eat to stay healthy and happy? Read further.

Red pigment in tomatoes, called lycopene, is a good antioxidant for eye health. It is more easily absorbed by the body when tomatoes are heated during cooking and processing. Tomatoes contain vitamins C, A and K, potassium and iron. Tomatoes promote the development of healthy teeth, bones, skin and hair, lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Rich in flavonol, apples are an important source of antioxidants and nutrients. In addition, they prevent the appearance of wrinkles and hair loss, apples contain antioxidants that protect the body from cardiovascular diseases. Apples protect bones and relieve asthma, help prevent Alzheimer's disease and lower cholesterol. Prevent some types of cancer and diabetes and help to control body weight.

White tea.
Not green tea (although this is another healthy option). White tea does contain more antioxidants than green tea, although it comes from almost the same plant. White tea is made from the buds of immature plants, still covered with white fluff (hence its name), green tea from a more Mature plant. White tea contains more antioxidants than green tea, helping to prevent cancer. Also lowers blood pressure, protects the heart, strengthens bones, teeth, gums and improves skin elasticity.

Spices such as cinnamon have many health benefits. Cinnamon can lower blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, also improves bowel function, due to fiber content.
Paprika and capsicum regulate blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Rosemary and pepper stop the development of cancer. Ginger reduces nausea and motion sickness in transport, relieves joint pain. And the list goes on.

Generally, fish is important for health. It is rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. Choose fresh fish, so as not to lose a single nutrient. Salmon is good for the skin, reduces inflammation that is the cause of acne and prevents blood clots. In addition, regular consumption of fish preserves the integrity of the immune system and circulatory system.

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