Fitness for weight loss: adjust training, get the result

Fitness for weight lossSometimes you need to lose weight in just a month, and the usual training does not give a significant result. What to ask for? A strict diet will help to lose weight, but to improve the figure – is unlikely. So, you need to look for special fitness exercises for quick weight loss. Well, double the effect of the correct lesson plan. And the main bonus of weight loss with fitness – you will not get bored, because in the world there are many interesting novelties'.

"I'm running, what even fitness for slimming me need"

Running – this perfectly, after all he not only helps burn calories, but also involves all the muscles of the body. That's just to achieve results quickly, you need to speed up the metabolism at rest. And running, unfortunately, this "does not know how". The solution? Add to training strength exercises. If you train outside, just set yourself small intervals at the end of each lap. Look after the Park bench and use it as a simulator. Be sure to do squats, push-UPS, and twisting on press, but do not reduce the intensity of Jogging. Add running uphill, if you want to load more muscles of the buttocks.

Lovers of Jogging on treadmill direct access to the gym. You can also arrange interval training by simply placing dumbbells and a body bar next to the track. After equal periods of time include in Jogging strength exercises. Or you can Supplement your classes with two lessons of group strength training for all muscle groups (MT, Sculpt, Body training), alternating days of strength training exercise days of Jogging.

"I go to the gym, what else fitness for weight loss I need"

There is a good coaching joke: "the Gym is not for walking. You have to work out in the gym." Take a meticulous look at your training process. Even if the training is made up by a professional instructor, you may encounter problems. A too long a rest between sets, or put up very little resistance simulators'. Remember, to monitor the load and withstand such periods of rest, as in your plan is very important for success in sports.

Well, if you do everything right, but faced with plateau effect maybe worth it try fat burning workouts in the gym. For a while, combine the movements into one big "circle", do the exercises of the program one by one without rest, and take a small pause at the end of the circle. At the same time try to increase the number of repetitions, but the working weight is not reduced. This training allows you to spend even more calories. Do two or three laps, then 20 minute walk on the treadmill or the elliptical machine to cool down.

"I I do aerobics in a group, which fitness for weight loss I choose"

Group aerobics, oddly enough, sometimes it is not designed for weight loss and fat burning. Some clubs are focused on bringing in the form of some "average citizen", and it turns out that more trained do not get the load in the group. Check if you burn fat in your favorite lesson is very simple – measure your pulse in 20 minutes after the start of classes. If it is in the area below 120 BPM, maybe aerobics is too easy for you. How to increase the intensity? Add to the program lessons of Cycling, tai-Bo, fitbox, dance step-lessons. If you can't change the program, increase the load by making more amplitude movements. Ideally, you should 2 times a week, doing intense aerobics, and 2 times a week to strengthen the muscles on the power lesson.

So, "somewhere walk and something there to do" – not quite true to strategy. To get the result and not to say later "I do sports and do not lose weight", watch yourself, and train with full dedication to achieve results faster.

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