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Fitness for the lazyFitness for the lazy is a fashionable trend of modern Wellness industry. Indeed, many people have neither the strength nor the physical ability to attend intensive weight loss training. And someone does not actively allow health. So this trend is booming, and gave us several directions for home and "salon" work.

Fitness for the lazy in the beauty salon

Fitness for the lazy in the beauty salon is a Wellness direction. You've probably heard of such a phenomenon as tone or Wellness clubs. These are institutions with simulators like usual, but unlike simple trainings that the most part of work the simulator does for you.

E.g. vacuum stepper effective for fat burning and muscle tightening, even if you walk only 20 minutes, and on a normal stepper will have to vary the load modes and spend at least half an hour. There are vacuum Hypoxi suits to walk on special paths. Everything that is connected with the vacuum load on the body helps to remove excess volumes, remove intercellular fluid and become slimmer in just a few sessions'.

And that, if need strengthen muscle and improve posture? At your service massage tables – this simulator will do all the work for you, you will only need to take a certain position and that's it. Naturally, it is impossible to "pump up" in this mode, but recovery after childbirth, injuries or operations with massage tables is much faster.

Almost all "lazy fitness" treatments are recommended to end with a session in the bath or infrared sauna. To reduce weight, you have to spend about half an hour in it, but it's worth it – metabolism is accelerating after such a procedure 2-3 times and you will burn a lot of calories at rest.

Fitness for lazy homes

Fitness for lazy at home – vibromassages with different parting, myostimulation and vacuum massage. For vibration massage you get a special platform or belt massager. This procedure improves blood circulation in the tissues, promotes muscle tightening. However, it is necessary to spend considerable time on it. One massage session takes approximately 20 minutes.

muscle toning – fashion make your muscles contract without any extra effort on your part. Sometimes it is called "Training without training" At home the procedure looks like this. You put electrodes on the body of the device for stimulation according to the scheme and "shake" each muscle group for no more than 10 minutes. As a result, muscles are tightened and volumes are reduced. Myostimulation is also used as a rehabilitation procedure after fractures.

Vacuum massage at home designed defeat cellulite, improve blood circulation in tissues and make you slimmer. It is not a complete replacement for fitness, but it works well in combination with a slight increase in activity. For example, walking or leisurely Cycling will help massage in building a beautiful figure.

Short training and "the gym without the gym"

Short a super-intensive workout – choice of those who constantly justify reluctance to engage in fitness lack of time. There are HIIT, Tabata and Body Rockers systems. Classes on these plans take from 12 to 25 minutes a day, and you need to train no more than 4 times a week. However, a significant disadvantage of these systems is that they are contraindicated for people with high excess weight, high blood pressure and heart problems.

"the Gym without the gym" – a direction that encourages us to wear the special sneakers, pants and tops, to create extra tension during normal walking. In General, it can be useful, but does not solve serious problems with overweight and health. The last direction of "fitness for the lazy" is designed to help "wait out" is not too long without training, and keep in shape.

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