Fitness bread at home

Fitness bread at home

The diet of a healthy person necessarily includes bread in moderation. Of course, there is a personal intolerance to gluten, but a normal person always has a desire to Supplement his meal with one or two pieces of a loaf or a loaf. At the same time, flour is very high in calories, which makes it undesirable for eating people who are obese. What to do in this case?

Bran bread: composition

Along with cereals and potato, flour products are the largest source of vegetable protein. In the same product is from 40 to 50 % of carbohydrates needed by the body. Among other necessary for life substances flour products contain fiber, vitamin B, iron, calcium and magnesium. However, wheat bread from flour of the highest grade is able to enrich the body except that carbohydrates. Other medicinal substances should be drawn from the unleavened dough, which includes bran or sprouted grains wheats.

How to choose dietary bread

Food processing Engineers were able to create breads that could be used by people with dietary restrictions. Such fitness bread include:

  • doctor's, in which, in addition to wheat flour, add bran. This food contains a large amount of fiber. Nutritionists recommend to use it for constipation and hypertension;
  • grain from a mixture of different types of flour. For its production, take the flour of the highest grade and add the wheat to the coarse grinding;
  • rolls with low acidity. Designed specifically for people with stomach diseases;
  • bread containing no salt. It is prescribed to people with kidney disease, as well as all those to whom doctors recommended to limit the use of table salt.

Fitness bread at home

Depending on the need, can be baked completely different varieties of fitness bread that can affect the health of consumers.

Than useful bran bread in a bread maker

Bran, which are part of some varieties, not digested by the body. Roughly speaking, from them you will not become more well-fed, but, being derived from the body, they will clean the gastrointestinal tract. More bran particles, getting into the stomach, swell, increase in volume and create the effect of a filled belly, thus satisfying the feeling of hunger. Bran bread, the recipe of which is in any cookbook, can be supplemented with products from coarse flour. This food can improve the health of the cardiovascular system. The whole secret of it is in the skin, which contains a lot of vitamins, but is not preserved when the manufacture of high-grade flour.

Fitness bread at home

Useful whether bread from bread machine

Common today home ovens are equipped with the function of baking bread from a variety of flour varieties. In addition to the usual white "brick", in such a device, you can prepare fitness bread or flour product with bran. The recipe for making bread in this case can be found in the instructions to the home stove or on a specialized website. On their characteristics such the product is no different from those baked in a bakery. On the contrary, manufactured homes product may contain the ingredients in the shop, usually not laid.

Fitness bread at home

Diet bread: recipe

Among the many ways to bake healthy bread in the bread machine, select the simplest. So, you will need:

  • water or milk at room temperature - 250 ml;
  • flour - 750 g;
  • bran - 50 g;
  • dry yeast - 1.5 teaspoons;
  • salt - 1 teaspoon;
  • sugar - 1 tablespoon;
  • sunflower oil - 2 tablespoons.

Water (or milk) is poured into the bread machine bowl, adding salt, sugar and butter. Separately mix bran, flour and yeast, and then poured into a container. Choose the "Main" mode and put on a full cycle of baking. Such bread will be useful and will not harden for a long time.

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