First aid: treatment of the common cold in children

Ambulance at a cold. To restore the permeability of the nose in infants, using non-drug agents, you can use a small enema rubber spray, with its help sucking mucous discharge from the nasal passages, and clean them with a cotton flagellum moistened with vaseline or other oil. This should be done before feeding, carefully, so as not to damage the nasal mucosa. Contribute to improving the patency of the nasal passages and heat procedures: warm warmer to the feet, warm foot baths. Foot baths are made as follows: in a deep basin (bucket) water is poured (42-45 degrees, as soon as the child can tolerate), put the child on a chair and lower his feet into the basin for 15-20 minutes. Every 2-3 minutes it is necessary to pour hot water - carefully, so as not to scald the child. During the procedure, to give the child a hot diaphoretic tea (lime, raspberry or honey, and it is possible all together).

After finishing - wipe your feet dry, put on wool socks and put in a warm bed, well covered with a blanket. If possible, you should call a doctor at home, or to consult a doctor on the phone, services such as doctor's consultation provided by CJSC "family Medicine Corporation". Further, if the child is sweating, then, before you put him to bed, you need to quickly change clothes to dry, moving the reflector, so as not to catch a cold baby. Foot baths with mustard should be avoided: in recent years, quite often there is an allergic reaction to mustard. At home, you can apply the warming lamp "Ember" (the duration of the session 5-7 min.). For older children, steam baths for the head can be recommended: a handful of chamomile flowers, or (and) peppermint, or (and) sage leaves pour 1/4 liter of boiling water, let stand, then add boiling water to 1 liter. Seat the child, placing his face over the bowl, with his head covered with a sheet, and on top - a flannelette blanket. Steam should be inhaled alternately nose and mouth for 10-15 minutes. Then the head is tied with a handkerchief and put the child in a warm bed.

If natural remedies don't help, have a careful to try simple drugs. As medicines in the treatment of acute inflammation of the nose in children, the following prescriptions are recommended:

- solution of epinephrine (1:1000) for 2 drops in each nostril for 15-20 min before feeding;
- 1 % solution of protargol or collargol 2 drops per each nostril 15-20 minutes before feeding;
- 1% solution of ephedrine 2 drops in each nostril for 15-20 min before feeding;
- 2% boric acid solution - 5 ml furatsilina (1:5000) - 5 ml solution of adrenaline (1:1000) - 20 drops, 2 drops in each nostril for 15-20 min before feeding;
- suspension of prednisolone 2,5% - 10 ml, vitamin P - 0,1 g, ascorbic acid - 0,5 g, solution of novocaine 0,25 % - 10 ml;
- diphenhydramine - 0.5 g, ephedrine 2 % - 5 ml, 2 akmolin % - 5 ml, micurin - 0.5 g

The Last two prescriptions are prescribed for children 2-5 drops in each nostril (depending on age) 2 times a day.

The Total duration of treatment with prescriptions is 7-10 days.

Want in advance warn that only a doctor's consultation can put the correct diagnosis for Your child, in case of deterioration of health, ambulance must be called immediately!

Text prepared with the support of:
JSC "Corporation of family medicine"

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