Figs for weight loss. Use and caloric content of fresh and dry figs

Fresh figs are a rare guest on the shelves of fruit sellers. It can only be enjoyed at certain times of the year. But dried – quite common, and you can find it in almost any supermarket on the shelves with dried fruits.

Caloric Content of fresh and dried figs

Dried figs taste very sweet. So the first question arising before purchase, what is its caloric content and composition. Of course, like any fruit subject to drying, it contains a lot of carbohydrates. But it is easily digestible fructose, which, in addition, is involved in a variety of metabolic processes in the body. And yet it increases the caloric content of dried figs compared to fresh. On 100 g account for about 180 calories.
However, if you put it in a salad, caloric content will not play such a significant role. Together with other dried fruits, nuts and fresh sour berries, it not only does not increase the daily rate of calories consumed, but also helps the processes of fat splitting and the removal of toxins from the body to pass most effectively.
The caloric value of fresh figs a few below – about 75 calories. But since it is a rapidly deteriorating product, and it can not be found in the free market all year round, it is better to use Packed dry fruits.

Improve metabolism and satisfy hunger

Figs for weight loss: how to eat and what to combine in other dishes

Will dried figs help to lose weight? In fact, this fruit is very useful for weight loss. First of all, he:

  • eliminates stagnation in the intestines;
  • quickly causes a feeling of saturation;
  • contains vitamins and minerals for better metabolism;
  • prevents fluid retention in the body, thanks to potassium;
  • promotes better absorption of other products.

Ready to eat dried fruits before you eat or cook them a dish, it is better to hold it for some time in cold water. This will not affect the benefits, but it will help the digestive system to cope with digestion faster.
There are no strict restrictions on how to eat dried figs. The only thing – you can not combine it with meat and fish products, as well as with milk.
Figs for weight loss is good in itself as a way to muffle hunger. And it contains large amounts of vitamin C and potassium to create energy "support" regardless of whether you are engaged in mental or physical labour.

Compote of fresh and dried figs

Figs for weight loss: how to eat and what to combine in other dishes

A Good option is to cook from fresh or dried Fig compote.
For fresh Fig compote, you you will need:

  • figs – a bit immature fruit
  • syrup – 400 gr. sugar on 1 liter of water
  • spices – citric acid, zest, cinnamon

Blanch the fruit for 5 minutes, then cool and fold into half-liter jars. Add spices. Cook the syrup and pour it over the figs. Sterilize the jars for 12 minutes. If you roll up the cans with lids, such compote can be stored for several months.
But much more often cook compote from dried figs. For it you will need:

  • dried figs – 200gr
  • sugar – 50 gr
  • water – 2 glasses
  • fresh lemon juice – 1 Chine.spoon
  • spices – suitable zest of lemon and orange, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, almonds
  • red wine – 1 the glass

Dry the figs well wash and finely chop. Boil syrup from water, sugar and spices. Set spices you can vary at will. Boil the syrup for 20 minutes, strain. Add the figs and cook for another 20 minutes. In the still boiling compote, pour the wine and lemon juice, stir, cool under the lid.

Other benefits of figs?

Number of useful elements contained in this fruit, is many times outweighed by its calorie content. First of all, dry figs are useful for high fiber and unsaturated fats. Fiber not only solves the problems associated with the intestine, it together with unsaturated fats is necessary in order to absorb animal and vegetable proteins, and cell renewal. Purchased dried figs, caloric content of which does not exceed 180-210 calories – an excellent tool to normalize metabolic processes in the body and get rid of extra pounds.

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