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Often in adulthood poison some unpleasant "stuff" that prevents fully enjoy the opportunities that gives us life now. And so you want to look young, healthy and attractive!

Cellulite brings a lot of problems. The figure loses its appeal. Life tonus suffers, which together with a bad mood has a negative impact on our health. The deterioration of blood flow to the subcutaneous capillaries and slowing metabolism also not contribute to increase our attractiveness of.

Fortunately, the development of medicine makes this problem less insurmountable today than it was not so long ago. However, the fight against cellulite is possible at home. It all depends on the will to achieve the result.

An Excellent tool for the normalization of the entire circulatory system, including the subcutaneous vessels, is massage with honey. Thanks to this tool provides relief from cellulite, the skin becomes silky and beautiful, improves the condition of the whole body. Massage is done for a month every other day. At the end of the month there is a break for two weeks. After that, you can repeat the procedure. The simplicity and availability of the method, given its benefits, can not but amaze.

Of Course, honey for such treatment should be natural, high quality. It is possible to add various aromatic oils. On 1 – 2 spoons (tea) of honey add from 4 to 7 drops of vegetable oil (corn), and also oil of juniper, lavender, lemon, etc. it is Recommended to add no more than one type of oil, after all at performance of massage honey has to to be the main ingredient.

Massage is Performed with light movements in a circle, which must be alternated with patting. Honey is literally rubbed and "hammered" into Your skin. Palms gradually accumulates emitted from the pores of the white mass. Usually one procedure lasts no more than 7 minutes. The procedure itself will not cause pleasure, as honey – not massage oil. Perhaps, at first appear even bruising. But gradually the skin gets used to the massage procedure, bruises disappear and do not appear in the future.

A warm shower is recommended At the end of the massage. Scrub can serve or sea salt, or sleeping grounds of brewed ground coffee. If possible, it is good to complete the massage applied to the body mud.

It Should also be remembered that one massage will not solve all the problems. The construction of your own body should be a complex task, in which a variety of physical training, massages and thermal procedures should complement each other, increasing the effect of all activities. It is worth paying attention to anti-cellulite diet.

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