Feel like Michelangelo: remove the extra using the GUAM | slimming

remove the extra with the help of GUAMLightweight, slim, flexible... Who among us does not dream about such characteristics, and even from a man's mouth? Throwing off the weight of the fragile shoulders of winter clothes, so I want to see in the mirror the reflection of a young woman with a youthful figure – a thin waist, slender hips, without folds and – for sure! – no extra pounds.

But most of the winter effect on appearance is very poor: lack of walking – grayish complexion, lack of vitamins – dim hair sedentary lifestyle – excess weight and cellulite ... However, the anguish regarding excess weight or grown heavy and the figures peculiar to women any time of the year. For most, the problem is relevant all year round, regardless of age – as long as you want to like. And men, and his reflection in the mirror.

It's a boring word – diet

The First response to alarmingly startled a cock or tight buttoned snake favorite jeans usually happens: all diet. from Monday. In the course are the advice of friends, online recommendations, tele-consultation well-known nutritionists. Diets that ironic men watching the suffering of loved ones, called "draconian", are effective, but not for long. The reduced diet deprives the charming face of cheerfulness, dark circles of exhaustion under the eyes displace the radiant smile, the legs become thinner, the vein on the thin neck beats more noticeably, and the folds at the waist remain, and even the stretch marks on the hips appear from a sharp weight loss.

Of Course, counting calories is necessary – to keep weight under control. And eating before bedtime should be abandoned. And the diet should be adjusted to provide not only carbohydrates and fats, but also vitamins and protein.

And still can be try deceive appetite: there is a range of pleasant smells, which suppress his – this smells banana and green Apple, lavender, mint and roses.

Jogging, fitness, gym and other pleasures of a slimming woman

Yes, it's a really great way to use your fat reserves as an energy source for muscles'. But you just need to be ready: it's hard work and hope for instant results can be left behind the threshold of the gym.

Experts call the most effective for weight loss swimming, aerobics, morning Jogging, riding bike. It can even be fun, but all classes should be daily – regardless of the weather, mood, rush to work or unexpected guests.

Spa-procedures, saunas(baths) and of course – anti-cellulite massage with GUAM-oils, creams, gel. Massage will help relieve tension from the muscles, return the body to lightness, and the skin – smoothness and good color.

Soft and warm GUAM-wraps – the result will not make you wait long

But still, if we are talking about a certain area of the body (most often it is the waist and hips), the most effective means will be hot wraps GUAM. They do not require physical activity, and even your daily diet has little effect on the speed of getting rid of annoying fat folds and frightening volumes.

At the same time wraps do not necessarily do in the cabin – they can be pleasant home procedure that is simple and effective at the same time. A special mask is applied to the pre-cleaned and heated skin of the problem area, then this area is wrapped with a polyethylene film and a warm blanket. After 45 minutes, the mask is washed off, the skin on the site is gently processed enhancing the effect of the mask cream GUAM with a warming effect.

The Miraculous result becomes visible after several procedures: metabolic processes are stimulated, increases circulation, break down fats, toxins and toxins, decrease the volume, and the skin becomes supple and elastic.

And if it's not a miracle, then what are miracles?

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