Features of food when drying the body: menu for girls

To achieve ideal parameters with beautiful outlines of relief muscles, it is important not only to choose the right training system, but also to make a menu that helps to get rid of fat and forms muscle tissue.

Next, consider the features and rules of nutrition when drying the body. Girls that are hard to prepare on your diet useful useful and balanced menus for the week, incorporating all nuances.

Power features

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The Basis of the diet when drying the body should be low-fat foods containing large amounts of protein:

  • Lean beef and veal, rabbit, Turkey, chicken;
  • Cod, Pollock, blue whiting, saury, tuna, halibut, heck;
  • low-Fat cottage cheese;
  • Beans and mushrooms;
  • Tofu Cheese;
  • Seafood, especially – sea cabbage;
  • Egg protein.

Also in moderate quantities you can eat pasta from whole wheat flour, buckwheat, oatmeal, soy milk, vegetables, egg yolk. A small percentage of the diet can be products such as honey, nuts, dried fruits without sugar, unsweetened berries and fruits (except bananas).

Pay attention! The male version of body drying involves the complete exclusion of fats from the diet, but girls are allowed to use a small amount vegetable oil.

List of prohibited products:

  • Bread, sweets, flour products;
  • Various sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.);
  • Sausages, smoked and canned goods;
  • soft wheat Pasta;
  • semi-Finished products and fast food;
  • Processed cheese.

On the drying time should reduce the amount of salt in your diet or to abandon it. This product retains fluid in the body and slows down the process of splitting fat compounds.

Pay attention! To speed up metabolism, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. To enhance the positive properties, you can add mint leaves, honey, lemon juice or cinnamon to the water.

The Menu for the girls for a week

It can be difficult to make a menu by Yourself, so we offer you a ready-made option, in which takes into account all the necessary nuances.

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Breakfast: omelet with greens and vegetables.

Second Breakfast: grapefruit.

Lunch: baked in the oven cod, salad of starchy vegetables (cucumber, radish, etc.) with a spoon of olive oil.

afternoon Snack: fruit smoothie.

Dinner: sea cabbage, low-fat cottage cheese.


Breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruits.

Second Breakfast: handful of unsweetened berries.

Lunch: steamed chicken cutlets, sliced vegetables.

afternoon Snack: 5 almond nuts.

Dinner: boiled squid, couple of pickles.


Breakfast: hard boiled eggs (2 PCs.).

Second Breakfast: several pieces of pineapple.

Lunch: whole grain pasta with tofu cheese and mushrooms.

afternoon Snack: cottage cheese with raisins.

Dinner: tuna and starchy vegetables.


Breakfast: buckwheat and soy milk.

Second Breakfast: orange.

Lunch: soup of mushrooms, souffle of Turkey, sliced vegetables.

afternoon Snack: 5 hazelnut nuts.

Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese with greens.


Breakfast: omelet, 2 cucumbers.

Second Breakfast: avocado.

Lunch: steam fish cutlets, buckwheat.

afternoon Snack: baked pumpkin with dried fruits.

Dinner: chicken souffle.


Breakfast: oatmeal with honey.

Second Breakfast: fruit smoothie.

Lunch: cottage cheese casserole, seaweed salad, eggs and beans.

afternoon Snack: a few walnuts.

Dinner: boiled shrimp.


Breakfast: cottage cheese with slices of dried apricots.

Second Breakfast: mango.

Lunch: bean soup, sliced vegetables.

afternoon Snack: Apple baked with honey.

Dinner: boiled squid, cucumber and cabbage salad.

Stick to this diet, actively train and in a week you will see the first results: the body will become more relief, and muscles will strengthen.

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