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Favorite diet through the eyes of the coachFavorite diet has captured the social network. Probably, every girl has a cherished picture with a "schedule" of meals for a week and an optimistic promise of weight loss by 10 kg in just a week with the help of "cleansing the body". The diet, especially in comparison with other popular "high-speed" diets, does not look like a mockery, and many have already tried the scheme of weight loss on themselves.
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Feedback, by the way, mostly rosy-optimistic. However, "favorite" is not so simple, and can cause significant harm to the unprepared body.

    Give up the idea to sit on a diet, if you have a tendency to emotional overeating, eating disorders, gastritis, colitis, diseases of the kidneys, liver and heart.

Favorite diet menu Analysis

Day 1

Drinking the day "beloved" not restrict calories, nor nutritional value diet. Though, it will still be a real challenge, because you have to completely give up solid food and limit your diet to liquids. Drink fresh juice, milk, kefir, coffee and tea, but try to keep the drinks at least sugar and calories, it's still a diet.

    Practice shows that, on average, a person can easily "drink" 1200-1500 kcal. One glass of citrus fresh "weighs" 120 kcal, the same amount of kefir 1% fat – 100 kcal.

The Main task of the first day is to improve intestinal peristalsis and remove 1-2 liters of excess intercellular fluid, which is not very harmful to health, but "gets in the way" on the scales. Inspired slimming girl, dropping 1-2 kg per day, flies on. Today, however, you may well feel dizzy, nauseous, and exhausted. Try to limit motor activity and give up training on the first day of the diet.

Day 2.

Vegetable. You it is necessary to eat only salads. Use any fresh vegetables and no more than 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. If you arrange a standard 4-5 meals, and will not eat more than 300 g of salad at a time, the calorie content of this day will be about 800-1000 kcal.

Try not to do strength training on a vegetable day, as your body simply will not have the resources to restore muscle tissue, limit dancing Jogging, walk.

Day 3.

Drinking. Try to include in the menu not only juices and coffee, but also kefir, and even protein necks, or soy milk, if you train in the gym. Remember that drinking diet – stress for the body, and try to avoid additional stress in the form of intensive training. It is strongly recommended to reduce the working weight, and even replace the strength training yoga, Pilates or callanetics. But leave cardio in the same volumes – such training will help you create an energy deficit.

Day 4.

Need to eat 1-3 kg favorite fruits. An unknown author of the diet strongly recommends eating grapefruit, as they are natural fat burners. Actually, it does not make much sense, eat those fruits that you are not allergic to, and that you can use without much disgust.

    Try to eat 1-2 fruits every 2-3 hours to avoid painful hunger.

Cancel strength training, better perform long low intensity cardio. A walk will do – it will distract from thoughts about food.

Day 5.

Recommended 5 servings of protein products – chicken, fish, shrimp, egg whites. Slightly less effective can be unloading on cottage cheese or yogurt, as lactose in some people contributes to fluid retention, which will cause "gain".

In protein day shown strength training medium intensity, but not of interval or circuit training. The latter can cause attacks of hunger.

Day 6

Again drinking, try to drink the same amount of water, juice, and yogurt or milk. Follow the recommendations of the third day regarding fitness.

Day 7 – exit

Breakfast – 2 eggs. Snack – fruit. Lunch – soup or broth. Snack – fruit. Dinner – vegetable salad.

Out of the diet will help you to return to a normal diet. Try not to over-salt the food, and use only fresh, unpreserved products to keep the result for a long time.

Remember that favorite diet not only helps burning fat but also removes a lot of fluid, try to drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day. You will lose approximately 1-2% of the fat deposits therefore it would be better if the next month you will be able to stick to diet with reduced calorie content, and eat 1-1,4 g protein on 1 kg own weight.

Fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – especially for http://www.AzbukaDiet.ru/.

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