Favorite diet for 7 days:? menu, photos before and after

Favorite diet – pretty personal and individual question. It's one thing that not every woman wants to share their own recipe for weight loss and a beautiful slender body, another – not everyone can admit that they are on a diet. In addition, different diets are not suitable for everyone.


Diet "Favorite" – menu for 7 days Pros favorite diets Cons diets favorite That say nutritionists Reviews and results thinner the First "Drinking" day the Second "Vegetable" day Third "Dairy" day the Fourth "Fruit" day Fifth "Protein" day Sixth "Drinking" day the Last day of the favorite diet is "Balanced"

But, fortunately, there is enough universal diet, which often ceded by "word of mouth" and is called he "Favorite diet on 7 days." It contains a variety of ways to lose weight, because the diet is effective.

Diet "Favorite" – menu for 7 days

Favorite dietDiet Favorite: reviews with photos before and after

Briefly about the diet of your favorite diet, you can say the following: the whole diet is a seven day a chain of mono-diet. In fact, it combines the most common types of fasting days, using every day a certain product or type of products. To make it very clear what is meant, we offer you a specific example diet diet for a week.

The First "Drinking" day

Drinks and liquid meals should be consumed During the day. At the same time unsweetened tea is recommended to drink throughout the day.

  • For Breakfast: one small Cup of tea (without sugar) and 180-200 ml of kefir.
  • lunch: chicken soup (without salt) – about 200 ml.
  • Before dinner: yogurt – 150-180 g.
  • For dinner: 200 ml low-fat milk.

Diet favorite

The Second "Vegetable" day

Tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, onions – in a word, any familiar vegetables can be eaten on this day.

  • Morning: a couple of small tomatoes
  • Afternoon: light salad made of white cabbage, dill, parsley, cilantro and cucumbers. It is allowed to fill with olive or refined sunflower oil.
  • After lunch: couple medium-size cucumbers.
  • For the evening: salad of dill and parsley, cucumbers and bell pepper.

Third "Milk" day

  • Morning: unsweetened tea and a little milk cocktail (small Cup)
  • Noon: Cup of milk
  • Day: chicken broth (salt not add) plus tea without sugar
  • Before dinner: Cup kefir
  • Evening: back to the Cup of milk and unsweetened tea

Favorite diet menu

Fourth "Fruit" day

  • For Breakfast – a couple of oranges, then grapefruit 1.
  • At lunch – apples, kiwis and oranges.
  • Before dinner – pear with Apple.
  • On dinner – milk.

Fifth "Protein" day

  • in the Morning eat couple of eggs, and then boiled fish.
  • Day – boiled chicken and boiled peas
  • For dinner – cottage cheese and cheese (100 d)

Sixth "Drinking" day

  • on the Morning – tea without sugar, and also a Cup kefir
  • noon – a glass of grapefruit juice
  • Day – broth chicken
  • tonight – milkshake, and then a few hours later – Cup of milk

The Last day of the favorite diet is "Balanced"

  • Morning: a mug of green tea and a couple of chicken eggs, an hour and a half to eat any fruit.
  • Day: veggie soup with the addition of buckwheat or rice. After a couple of hours – any single fruit.
  • in the Evening – light vegetable salad with olive oil.

This example is a menu favorite diet for 7 days are not strictly required – the products it is permitted to change for similar.

Pros favorite diets

  • Favorite diet gives a fairly quick result – especially useful if you need to quickly get in shape and remove the last "difficult" excess weight.
  • Good cleansing effect.
  • strong-Willed hardening – there is opportunity for 1 week not only "build" its body, but and spirit.

Results favorite diet

Cons diets favorite

Favorite diet on 7 days has the following cons:

  • a Big burden on organism. Can worsen the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, iron-deficiency diseases.
  • metabolic processes are Slowing down.
  • it is Undesirable to engage in heavy physical activity during the diet.

What nutritionists say

The opinions of experts about the favorite diet for 7 days vary – some nutritionists see the menu like this:

  1. Remove chicken broth from the diet.
  2. to Substitute regular cabbage for the broccoli.
  3. Eggs and yoghurt are not at the same time.
  4. Swap the second and fourth days.

Reviews of your favorite diet

Reviews and results thinner

According to numerous reviews, the diet favorite gives a good effect: an average of 7 days takes 10 kg of excess weight keep diet almost is not intended hunger. Usually feels hard the first two days, then it becomes much easier. Lose weight tasty and fast!

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