Fatigue and sleepiness: causes, how to deal, what to eat to avoid sleepiness

the Sun is hot, the days are getting longer, it's time for walks and picnics. Spring has come, however, few people feel a surge of energy: constantly want to sleep, there is a feeling of apathy, lethargy and fatigue. If you experience fatigue and drowsiness, then rather read our article, we will talk about the causes of spring malaise and lethargy, as well as what you need to eat to avoid drowsinesses.

Fatigue-drowsiness – reasons

"Spring breakdown and drowsiness – vegetative reaction of the body to changes in nature: – says Angela Shue, Professor of medical climatology at the University of Munich.

Spring lethargy and drowsiness - how to get rid of?

Humans as well as animals regulate their metabolism and hormone levels according to external factors such as light and temperature. When all around is dark and cold, the body includes self-defense mechanisms. After the onset of the warm season increases body temperature, blood vessels expand, the pressure drops. The body begins to quickly "spend" seratonin, also called the hormone of joy and movement. The body can not instantly adjust, the process of adaptation takes an average of 3 weeks, when we feel constant drowsiness (especially during the day), apathy and decline in strength, bad mood.  In the area of special risk – the elderly, women and children, people suffering from blood pressure drops, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. If you do not want to endure 3 weeks of illness, then let's fight the spring Blues together.

How to deal with fatigue and lethargy?

First need to raise the level of serotonin. Try to spend as much time on the streets, take air and sun baths. If it does not work, then go to the Solarium. Excess light – the best way to replenish the hormone happinesses.

Sauna and contrast shower will stabilize blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels and make them less sensitive to weather changes. In addition, it is useful for the body as a whole and improves mood.

Spring lethargy and drowsiness - how to get rid of?

What to eat to avoid drowsiness?

In Spring, the diet should contain a large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables: they provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Especially iron is useful, so do not forget about spinach, as well as vitamins A and C, potassium and magnesium, which are abundant in pomegranates. Try to eat as much protein as possible. They are able to normalize blood sugar levels, compensate for energy loss. On average, the body needs to receive about 150 grams. protein in one meal.

If you feel fatigue, drink water. Often this symptom indicates a lack of fluid in the body.  6-8 glasses of clean water a day – that's your norm. Green tea is another great way to restore the balance of fluid in the body. In addition, it is a natural antioxidant, contains natural caffeine, which will give you cheerfulness.

Can Not do without a list prohibited products. It can be called "white", because in the spring it is necessary to limit the consumption of white bread, pasta, potatoes, rice. Consumption of these products in excess can lead to hypoglycemia, and that, in turn, provoke headaches, deterioration of mood, lethargy and weight gain. At the same time, oat flakes are able to charge energy, due to the high content of protein, magnesium and vitamin B.

Spring lethargy and drowsiness - how to get rid of?

The Spring menu, for example:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with skim milk or yogurt, a Cup of green tea
  • Second Breakfast: fruit salad, omelet or scrambled eggs, fresh orange juice
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled beef with spinach
  • lunch: dairy product with low fat content, fruit
  • Dinner: baked fish, sweet potatoes, green peas. For dessert – baked apples

Now you know how to get rid of lethargy, fatigue and drowsiness this spring. Good health and Sunny weather!

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