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Fat-burning dietFat Burning diet is designed for a week, during this time you can lose 4-5 pounds. Diet improves metabolism, promotes normalization of blood sugar and insulin levels.
The diet on the fat burning diet is quite diverse, you can choose specific products in the lists below. At the same time with each meal it is proposed to use a protein product, as well as a portion of vegetables or fruits'.

Fat Burning effect of the diet is largely due to the use of each meal portion of protein products (protein diets are effective for weight loss, since the body spends more calories to absorb protein than to absorb carbohydrates and fats).

Low-Fat dairy products provide the body with calcium and phosphorus, increase the production of the hormone calcitriol, causing cells to burn more fat.

A Portion of vegetables or fruits, which is also included in each meal provides the body with vitamins and fiber.

  • Important: some people have an appetite for fruit, in this case it is recommended to eat vegetables in the afternoon.
  • it is Believed that the fat burning effect has grapefruit, this fruit is unique for those who want to lose weight, just including it in the daily diet already promote weight loss.

Fat Burning diet, menu for the day

Daily fat burning menu is made according to the following rules:

  1. Breakfast: one portion of protein (list 1) and a portion of fruit or vegetables (list 2).
  2. Lunch: a portion of proteins, a portion of vegetables or fruits and a portion of carbohydrates (list 3).
  3. afternoon Snack: a portion of proteins, a portion of vegetables or fruits and a portion of carbohydrates.
  4. Dinner: a portion of proteins and a portion of vegetables or fruits.

List 1. A portion of proteins is one of the following options:

  • 2 eggs in any form;
  • 170 gr. low-fat fish (e.g. cod), seafood;
  • 110 gr. lean ham or lean meat (lean);
  • 100 gr. lean cottage cheese (1-5%);
  • 60 gr. low-fat cheese;
  • 120 ml of low-fat milk, kefir or natural yogurt (1-1.5% fat) + half a serving of any other protein product;
  • 30 gr. any nuts except peanuts.

List 2. A portion of fruits or vegetables choose from:

  • salad from any vegetables, except potatoes and beans, or several for fresh vegetables entirely;
  • 300 gr. any steamed vegetables, except potatoes, corn or peas;
  • 150 gr. canned corn or green peas;
  • 200 gr. assorted any fruit or berries (grapefruit, orange, tangerine, pear, apricot, lemon slice, strawberry, raspberry, cherry or cherry), either 1-2 fruit entirely, either 2 small piece of melon;
  • 60 gr. any dried fruit.

List 3. Carbohydrates:

  • 3-4 tablespoons boiled rice, buckwheat or pasta from durum wheat, you can add a little tomato sauce.
  • 3-4 tablespoons mashed potatoes; peas, beans, lentils or corn, or two medium baked or boiled potatoes.
  • one small boiled corn.
  • piece rye or whole-grain bread, and bread with bran.

Additional guidelines for gyrosigma diet

During the diet, drink plenty of fluids (preferable drinking water and green tea) – 2-2,5 liters a day. During any diet for weight loss it is necessary to increase the amount of water consumed, failure to comply with this condition can cause weakness and dizziness. In addition, with a lack of fluid in the body metabolism slows down, which means that the body spends less calories.

  • morning on an empty stomach, be sure to drink 0.5-1 glass of water. No later than 2 hours for Breakfast.
  • During the day you should have 4 meals, every 4-5 hours. Dinner no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Recommended combine diet with workouts.
After leaving the fat burning diet is recommended to adhere to fractional power.

Like all protein diets, fat burning diet is effective, but... not everyone can use it. If you have kidney disease – protein diet is not for you!

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