Fat burning citrus diet: lose weight and saturated with vitamins!

The Main advantage of citrus fruits is their ability to preserve vitamin C, because it is the most "capricious" vitamin, which is destroyed under the influence of sunlight and long-term storage. But under the thick skin of orange and yellow gifts of nature the substance is perfectly preserved.

The caloric content of citrus is quite small – only 30-40 kcal per 100 g, and simple carbohydrates they contain very little compared to others fruits. But they are saturated with fiber, which cleanses the digestive tract, and carotenoids, preventing the aging process in the body. Next, consider the basic rules and menu of fat-burning citrus diet.


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To diet has brought maximum effect, respect its rules:

  1. Eat at least 700 g of citrus fruits per day (oranges, pomelo, grapefruit, etc.).
  2. Supplement your diet is allowed to starchy vegetables, herbs, unsweetened berries, as well as low-fat dairy products. In limited quantities, you can eat nuts and dietary varieties of fish or meat (no more than 150 grams per day).
  3. you can Drink green tea, herbal infusions, fresh juices and plain water without gases. Dilute fresh juices with water so as not to harm the digestive tract.
  4. Sugar is completely excluded from the diet, and reduce salt intake. It is also necessary to abandon flour products, fatty sauces and fried foods.
  5. do Not miss receptions food, especially if it is Breakfast. Otherwise, the body may react by slowing metabolism.
  6. Better if you combine diet with cardio (fast walking, running, jumping rope, etc.).

advice! Citrus wash under hot water with soap, as they are certainly treated with chemicals before a long journey. Usually these chemicals appear allergic reaction, which is confused with an Allergy to citrus.


Sample menu

photo Source: pixabay.com

Option #1

Breakfast: omelet with cherry tomatoes + orange + herbal tea

Lunch: orange salad, iceberg lettuce, nuts and Parmesan

Afternoon Snack: ½ pomelo

Dinner: cottage cheese with slices of orange

Option #2

Breakfast: smoothies of one percent kefir and orange

Lunch: boiled chicken breast + grapefruit juice

Afternoon Snack: 2 tangerines

Dinner: boiled broccoli

Option #3

Breakfast: jelly from cottage cheese and orange

Lunch: baked white navaga fish + assorted vegetables + grapefruit juice

Afternoon Snack: cocktail of orange and low-fat yogurt

Dinner: seaweed salad

Please note! Citrus diet is contraindicated in acute and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, infectious diseases, diabetes, allergies, anemia and diseases of the endocrine system.

For the first week diet you can lose 3-4 kilograms of excess weight. At the same time you will not feel the decline of strength, as citrus perfectly tone the body!

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