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Fat burners for womenMany people believe that fat burners for women is a whim of those girls who do not want to engage in their figure in more healthy and familiar ways. However, in fact, fat burners came to the mass market from professional sports, and by their nature are not "pills for the lazy."


Fat Burners for women: types
fat Burners for women: is it worth it?

Fat Burners were originally used as AIDS for those who combine intensive training and a strict diet. Should I take the fat burners for women weight loss?

Fat Burners for women: types

Perhaps, for our convenience is worth share fat burners on:

  • fat burners produced by manufacturers of sports nutrition;
  • "pharmacy" dietary Supplements;
  • drugs with lipolytic effect.
Fat burners for womenfat Burners, sports nutrition – reviews

Modern "sports" drugs solve three problems:

1. Acceleration of basic metabolism, which leads to more significant energy expenditure at rest;

2. Giving additional energy for intensive training;

3. Changing the mechanism of consumption of fat reserves during exercise. Fat burners make it easy to extract glycerol from the adipose cells, and accelerate combustion fat during physical activity.

Sports fat burners have a thermogenic effect. Due to such components as red pepper extract, caffeine, guarana and Forskolin, they raise the body temperature, thus,accelerating metabolism.

Most sports fat burners contain synephrine, chromium picolinate and those or other food fibers. These substances help to suppress appetite. Such capsules are sold in sports stores. Most of them should not be taken by diabetics, hypertensive patients, pregnant women and people with any food Allergy.

Pharmacy Supplements fat burners or copy those or other sports burners on composition ("fitness" beverages with guarana, complex drugs with l-carnitine and chromium picolinate) are either designed to burn fat directly in the digestive tract, or, more simply, block lipid absorption or carbohydrates from food, thereby reducing its caloric content. The latter group includes preparations of chitosan, orlistat, Dietary supplements-blockers of alpha-amylase, preparations of bromelain.

Pharmacology is used in the fat burning process at your own risk. Most of the drugs listed below are either banned in our country (ECA) or have a lot of side effects.

So, "medicinal" fat burners are:

1. A mixture of ephedrine, aspirin and caffeine (or Eka). The drug accelerates metabolism, raises blood pressure, suppresses appetite. Ephedrine is a narcotic substance. The mixture can cause psychosis, tremor of the limbs, tachycardia. There are studies linking the use of ECA with sudden death syndrome;

2. Sibutramine (Meridian, lindaksa) – a psychotropic drug that suppresses the center of the brain appetite. Banned in many European countries and in the United States due to the fact that causes irreparable harm to health (heart, liver);

3. Thyroxine – synthetic thyroid hormone, its use may cause a decrease in the natural function of this organ.

Fat Burners for women: is it worth it?

So, most fat burners have a significant complex effect on the female body. And, unfortunately, the use of these substances can really cause heart disease, liver, kidney, stomach and metabolic failure. In medicine, there is a basic principle: to use the drug is when the benefit of it exceeds harm.
Fat burners for women
To find out whether you like fat burner, you can only empirically. However, no "experiments" should be conducted by those who have at least the slightest deviations in health.

Never use articles about fat burners and even your coach's opinion as a determining factor. unfortunately, fitness professionals have a certain "deformation" of consciousness – most of us are focused on the result at almost any cost. Such thinking is typical for athletes, but your health should not be its victim. The only adequate adviser in matters of fat burners – your doctor.

Before you buy a fat burner, know:

1. No pill will save you from having to control your diet, monitor the volume of servings, the quality of food, in other words, stick to the basic diet for weight loss (at the same time, most often women, buying a fat burner, we are sure that they will lose weight, without changing anything in their lifestyle or diet);

2. Sports fat burners can really boost your endurance, but sometimes they cause headaches, tremor of the limbs, nervous tension and insomnia;

3. Drugs that with absolute certainty reduce the fat layer by 3-6% or more currently does not exist.

In any case, consider the fat burner harmless vitamin is not necessary, as well as to make impulsive decisions about its purchase, based on the fact that today you do not like the reflection in the mirror.

Especially for AzbukaDiet.ru – fitness trainer Elena Selivanova

If you have used any fat burner, please share your feedback on the results and possible side effects.

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