Fasting once a month, brings significant health benefits

Fasting once a month, brings significant health benefitsRefusal to eat, even if it lasts one day, is already a stress for the body, but American nutritionists have found that short-term fasting contributes to several beneficial effects. Experts in the field of dietetics believe that if you starve only once every 30-40 days, it will already be enough to feel positive changes for your body and healths.

Dietitian Experts conducted an experiment: the participants of the experiment were offered to starve once a month on the first Mondays. The results were very positive: volunteers almost half reduced the risk of vascular and heart diseases, and people with asthma, began to experience much less attacks.

The Authors of the study explain that it is not necessary to starve full day. You can limit yourself to only 10-12 hour refusal of food or simply refuse a morning or evening meal. Nutritionists hope that this method will help in the fight against obesity.

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