Fasting days on buckwheat and kefir - an effective way to lose weight

Unloading with maximum benefitOne-Day unloading of the body can be a great alternative to traditional diet courses in the presence of a slight excess weight. Eating on the selected day of the week a certain type of low-calorie diet products, for example, buckwheat, you can say goodbye to a few kilograms. This weight loss does not happen quickly, but the result will be stable, and health – strong, which is confirmed by the reviews of people practicing this kind cleaning the body.

Why do we need fasting days?

Fasting days help:

  • remove excess fluid, undigested food residues, radionuclides from the body, purify from toxins and toxins;
  • translate the digestive tract in minimum mode and increase the metabolism;
  • cleanse the liver and strengthen the vessel walls;
  • consider the quality and change the composition of the daily diet;
  • strengthen willpower;
  • remove per day 0.5-1 kg and 3-5 kg per month.

First to arrange fasting days quite difficult, because the body does not like to change their habits.

Rules of conduct

First of all it is necessary to choose the suitable product, having previously familiarized with the basic rules of carrying out unloading days:

  1. Unloading is not recommended. more often than once a week, especially during pregnancy. If the body for a long time did not undergo the process of purification, then in the absence of contraindications, the number of fasting days can be increased to two per week.
  2. Intensive physical activity should be avoided. The body needs to rest, so that the body works on wear, burning fat and getting rid of toxins.
  3. Choose a suitable day for unloading – with a tight schedule so as not to be tempted by anything have a bite.
  4. Divide the whole day's diet into several small portions. If you have an acute feeling of hunger during the break between meals, you can drink a glass of kefir.
  5. the Amount of daily diet depends on weight, metabolism and lifestyle.
  6. the Amount of water you drink can not be limited, especially in the morning.
  7. Combine pleasant with useful – you are welcome to relax in the sauna, to purify themselves not only from within but also out.
  8. it is Not recommended to take laxatives and diuretics – unloading and cleansing should occur naturally.

Unloading with maximum benefit

One-Day monodiets and fasting days

Fasting day, which can be arranged weekly even pregnant after consultation with the doctor, should not be a test. To do this, you need to choose a suitable dietary product. They can become popular in our country buckwheat, which is rich in minerals and vitamins. According to nutritionists, it is able to strengthen blood vessels, clean the body from harmful toxins and improve the condition of nails, skin and hair.

  1. Buckwheat porridge is better to prepare in advance – on the eve of the cleaning day. To do this, 250 g of crushed and washed buckwheat is filled with boiling water. Water is not salted, but soy sauce is allowed. To croup good properies, container wrapped with a towel or woolen plaid. Eat porridge should be throughout the day. In each serving, you can add a glass of milk or drink it separately. This unloading with variations differs from the buckwheat monodiet in that it does not shock the body, helping it to be purified. Vegetables, low-fat yogurt, tomato juice, cottage cheese and even dark chocolate are also used as additional components.
  2. Buckwheat can be combined with apples or alternate between buckwheat and Apple days. Apple day is a minus kilograms, plus mood. It will be enjoyed by all lovers of this sweet and sour fruit. In order to avoid psychological and physical hunger in the day you can eat an unlimited number of green apples and drink weak tea.

Buckwheat and Apple fasting days, and also their variations are especially shown at the excessive use of various types of meat, that is protein food.
Unloading with maximum benefit
Contraindication to a one-day buckwheat monodiet may be intolerance to this cereal, expressed in the appearance of rash, urticaria, redness on the skin, as well as gastritis in acute form or chronic gastric ulcer.

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