Fans ask Anna Netrebko to stop losing weight

Anna Netrebko has repeatedly stated that an Opera diva cannot be thin. Like, the profession requires to be a woman with forms, so the celebrity never worried that its parameters are far from model.

Recently, However, Anna began to appear in the light of considerably thinner. A week ago, she published a family photo that made a lot of noise on the network. Fans are begging the celebrity to stop and stop dieting, if such a fact is the case.

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According to followers, Anna has long been in excellent physical shape, and further weight loss will only harm her. "You are so slim, but I think you have enough to lose weight, you have already reached the ideal. The main thing in this case - do not overdo it" - such comments can be seen in Instagram Opera diva. 

Netrebko began to lose Weight a couple of years ago, dropping about 10 kg in six months. The singer always noted that she does not accept rigid diets. The secret of her magical transformation is a healthy diet and a busy tour schedule.

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Together with Anna lost weight and its husband - Yusif Eyvazov. Faced with health problems caused by overweight, the artist began to play sports for 6 hours a week and in a short time dropped about 15 kg.

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