Facial massage from wrinkles at home: technique, video

To make the skin more elastic and smooth, you need a set of measures, which includes facial massage from wrinkles, easily performed at home. Of course, aging is a natural and irreversible process, but with some effort, you can slow it down, prolonging youth for some time. With proper observance of the technique, one massage can achieve a result similar to the effect after the injection of Botox. And perform it quite easy.

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Modern cosmetology industry offers different services for facial skin care, but almost all of them are of high cost and give only temporary results. So why spend money if you can achieve a similar effect at home?

The Main indication for facial massage is the appearance of pronounced wrinkles. According to experts, by influencing the facial muscles can strengthen muscles, smooth the skin, make it more elastic and supple. Even the most effective facial massage for wrinkles will not completely stop the aging process, but it is possible to slow it down. If you combine this technique with the use of anti-aging creams, the result will be faster and better.

Note! Doing a facial massage for wrinkles is enough just 15 minutes a day to transform the skin into better is by making it healthy. But to get the effect of the procedure is important regularity. From time to time, facial massage for facial wrinkles can be done from the age of 27, and after 30 years it is a mandatory element of cosmetic skin care.

Video: how to do facial massage from wrinkles at home?

Does facial massage help against wrinkles? This question concerns almost every person who plans to rejuvenate like that. If you do it, adhering to the correct technique, the result will be visible after a few sessions.

The Correct facial massage for wrinkles, which can be done independently at home, is presented in the video.

Basic facial massage techniques for wrinkles

You Know the 5 basic massage techniques for the face from wrinkles:

  • rubbing – runs the edges of the palms, by sawing or sagsaga or with fingertips in a circular motion, helps to expand blood vessels;
  • stroking – with this exercise usually begins and ends a massage session, is a rhythmic or sliding movements, helps to strengthen the blood flow in the tissues;
  • kneading – performed simultaneously with two hands, skin alternately gently squeezed without significant effort, helps to establish the stimulation of lymph and blood;
  • beating – tapping on the skin with fingertips on the type of drum roll, helps to warm up the tissue, strengthen muscle tone;
  • vibration – performed with the palms or fingertips in one of two ways: static in one place or smooth movements throughout the planes.

Varieties and techniques of facial massage for wrinkles

It Has long been known that by mechanical action on the skin can visually make it younger. There are several techniques of facial massage for wrinkles, which can be performed independently at home.

Classic massage

This type of massage is based on rubbing and stroking movements that are easy to carry out with the help of palms or fingertips. In this case, friction, pulling and strong pressure are unacceptable. That is why the classic massage is considered one of the safest and most painless. It is often used at the first signs of aging, when wrinkles are not pronounced.

Performing massage according to the classical technique, you can increase blood circulation in the muscles of the face, improve nutrition the epidermis, enrich it with oxygen, which has a positive effect on the skin, slows down the aging process.

Sculptural (plastic) massage

The Effect of sculptural massage is similar to the result after a surgical lift, so it is advisable to perform with obvious signs of aging. Indications are deep facial wrinkles, puffiness and sagging skin. In addition to the elements of classical massage, in this case are used strong pressure, vibration and locking movements performed in a circle or along the massage lines.

When performing a sculptural massage there is a drainage and modeling effect, which helps to work out the muscles and restore the epidermis. At the end of the skin should be cleaned using lotion, and then you can use a tightening mask. It is enough to spend no more than 20 minutes for one procedure. All you need about 15 sessions to return the skin smoothness and contours – clarity.

Japanese Asahi massage (Zogan)

When massaging the skin on the Japanese technology is the study of the epidermis at depth, the impact on the muscles and even bones. That is why in the process of exercise may have some mild pain. But the result is worth it. If it is correct to do the Japanese massage for the face from wrinkles, it is possible to get rid of puffiness, withdraw toxins, tighten the skin and muscles on the face.

Note! Technique of Japanese facial massage Asahi suggests smooth movement in a certain direction. It is not recommended to make strong pressure on the skin, and areas of lymph nodes are treated with extreme caution.

lymphatic Drainage massage

The Effectiveness of this massage against wrinkles is based on the ability of lymph circulating in the vessels to remove harmful components from the body. As you know, they are the cause of deterioration of the skin. Circular movements are made along certain lines, pressing and beating. This allows the removal of intercellular fluid, to improve the movement of lymph, restore the walls of blood vessels.

Despite the numerous benefits, lymphatic drainage massage has certain contraindications. In particular, they relate to diseases of the cardiovascular system, lymph nodes, cancer.

Pinch massage

This type of massage is not only anti-aging, but also therapeutic. It helps to restore the exchange processes, improve blood flow, eliminate skin problems. For the massage used tweezers that are quite painful. It is necessary to use the thumb and index finger to capture, knead and squeeze the skin.

It is Not recommended to do a pinch massage for viral diseases, chronic dermatosis, rosacea, inflammatory processes in the facial nerve.

the Point massage

For the First time this technique appeared in the 3rd Millennium BC. Even in those days, experts argued that the skin has special points that are associated with internal organs. With the help of fingertips need to work on these areas. Special points are in the corners of the lips, on the cheeks, the wings of the nose, in the ears. Thanks to such influence it is possible to restore circulation of vital energy, having found thereby rejuvenation.

Note! Acupressure is practiced in many countries of the world, but it is especially popular in the Eastern States. A variety of this technique is a Thai massage, in which the pressure is carried out by the palms or fingers on the active points. Just on the body human their 692. According to experts, this massage clears the energy channels, instantly rejuvenates the body and provides peace and tranquility.

Besides rejuvenation, acupressure has other useful properties. It helps to get rid of headaches and other negative symptoms.

Italian massage

Thanks to the Italian massage, which is otherwise called fitness for the face, you can tighten the skin and muscles, smooth wrinkles. The procedure causes minor soreness, but it is the norm, since the study of deep layers of the epidermis is not able to occur without pain. Used pinching, kneading the skin, pressing on it, circular motion.

Italian massage is recommended for women after 30 years who want to correct the oval of the face, get rid of negative changes in the skin.


Despite the relative harmlessness facial massage from wrinkles, any kind of it has contraindications. In General, it is not recommended to perform this procedure in the presence of the following States:

  • colds, fever in acute stages;
  • diathesis, allergic reactions;
  • inflammatory processes occurring on the skin;
  • open wounds and other signs of damage to the skin;
  • rosacea, varicose veins;
  • dermal tumors, including warts, tumors, papillomas;
  • poor health;
  • herpes;
  • disorders of the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems;
  • abundant hair or hirsutism in severe form;
  • strong thinness of the face.

How to make a classic massage from wrinkles at home

To do a classic massage at home conditions and get rid of wrinkles with it, you need to do the following:

  1. Clean your face from dirt.
  2. Massage in a circular motion in the forehead with both hands.
  3. it is Important to pay due attention to the areas under the eyes. To do this, you need to perform stroking movements with your fingers, going from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.
  4. Perform stroking spiral movements along the cheeks - from the corners of the lips to the ear sinks.
  5. Draw smooth lines with your fingers from the middle of the chin to the corners of the lips.
  6. Make rubbing movements under the lower jaw to get rid of the second chin.
  7. "Draw" a smooth line hands from the corners of the lips to the cheekbones.

All steps are shown in the photo below.

The Right massage for the face must be sterile. Therefore, it must be done exceptionally clean hands, after cleansing the skin. Otherwise, you can bring an infection, resulting in rashes, irritation and other problems on the skin.

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