Facial massage at home: videos, rules

To effectively smooth wrinkles, you can not only use cosmetics, but also to do facial massage at home. Of course, you should not expect an instant result, but with a certain diligence, you can visually improve the appearance of the skin. The advantages of this massage for the face is that it is easy to carry out independently at home, without spending money on expensive treatments in the salon beauties.

the Effect of facial massage

The Result after the massage is achieved by improving blood circulation in the tissues and the impact on the muscles mimic. In this regard, you can achieve the following effects:

  • improve metabolism, resulting in the production of elastin and collagen, increasing the softness and elasticity of the dermis;
  • removing second chin;
  • increased tone of capillary walls, resulting in getting rid of red stars, which are most often localized on the cheeks and nose;
  • adjustment of the contours of the face, large expressive cheekbones;
  • elimination of shallow wrinkles;
  • lifting the corners of the lips and eye.

Note! Facial massage at home is recommended for men and women who are affected by age-related changes in the form of wrinkles. In addition, the procedure is indicated for people with mild facial asymmetry and an unnatural shade of the epidermis.

Rules of procedure

If you follow the rules of facial massage at home, you can avoid irritations, rashes and other unwanted reactions. Incorrect technique, even with a slight impact on the skin, can lead to serious consequences.

Basic rules of facial massage:

  • before carrying out massage movements, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the face of cosmetics and dirt – if you do not, the microbe will multiply on the entire surface of the face, and the skin response will be rashes and black dots;
  • the hair is not should hang freely, as they will interfere with the massage, it is recommended to collect them in a bundle;
  • before you start massaging the skin of the face, it should be steamed – for this you can hold your face over steam or apply a warm towel;
  • when using oils and nourishing creams, you must first give the pores to open, this can be done thanks to a scrub;
  • massage is carried out only with clean hands, so as not to bring germs on skin;
  • it is advisable to remove jewelry from neck, arms and ears, so they do not interfere.

After Preparing the skin, you should start to apply the base composition. Thanks to him, the fingers will slide easier, and the skin will be filled with nutrients. Before choosing a cosmetic, it is necessary to determine the skin type:

  • fat and combined – do not use oils it is recommended, but if they are still used, avoid olive, coconut and sesame (you can replace the oil with light matting lotions);
  • normal – it is sufficient to use an ordinary moisturizer, you can apply the oil by adding a few drops of lavender or of rosemary;
  • dry – to moisturize skin of this type, will have take advantage of fatty creams and oils.

Neutral refined oils without additives and additional fragrances are suitable For sensitive skin. You can also apply vaseline or ointments purchased in pharmacies.

When the base composition is selected, it should be applied with light massaging movements, going from the face to the ears. After that, it's time to properly warm up the tissue. To do this:

  • RUB from chin to forehead and back direction;
  • close my eyes and, making an effort to put pressure using one finger on the area between the outer part of the eyebrow and temple;
  • touch the skin with your fingers under the chin;
  • to make a light Pat on the cheek and gently massage the;
  • Pat your palms on the neck;
  • massage the skin from ear to ear with the back of your hand, tracing the oval of your face across the neck.

Now that the skin warmed up, you can start the main action.

Types of movements

Usually use two variants of facial massage at home:

  • stroking – do with fingertips, is not too intense vibration;
  • vibration –movements in the form of tapping, as in the previous case, do with pads finger.

Massage lines on the face

To understand exactly what areas of the face massage, you should study the massage lines:

  • forehead from the Central part of the forehead to the temples, from the eyebrows to the hair;
  • around the eyes –in a circle, starting under the lower eyelid, moving to the inner corner;
  • nose – from bridge of nose down to tip or to the wings of the nose;
  • cheeks – ranging from nose, move to ears;
  • chin from the Central part of the chin to the ears;
  • neckline –around the neckline, on the sides and down;
  • neck – starting from the jaw, make straight lines down.

Recommendations in depending on age

It is important to have several sessions To get the effectiveness of the massage. The intensity of exposure to the skin depends on the age. At least 10 sessions should be performed.

Depending on age, the following is recommended:

  • 25-30 years: the course consisting of 10 sessions is recommended, it is held once a year, between procedures it is necessary to maintain 1 day with the subsequent increase in an interval up to 3 days;
  • 30-35 years: 15 sessions 2 times a year, additionally recommended nourishing masks;
  • over 35 years: 20 sessions 3 times a year, acid peels and salon treatments are additionally recommended.

Up To 25 years of age to use a rejuvenating massage not necessarily. But if you have the first signs of aging, you can carry out this procedure.

Video: massage for the person in house conditions

Face massage is not necessarily a massager, you can perform it with your fingers to yourself at home, and the video is proof of that.

Facial massage techniques

When performing a facial massage on your own at home, you can use one of the techniques that is most suitable in a particular case. However, to improve efficiency, it is recommended to combine several techniques at the same time. What to do the right facial massage at home yourself, you should read the description below or open the video.

Nasolabial folds

Place index fingers on the wings of the nose and move slowly downwards towards the nasolabial folds, reaching the outer corners of the lips.

Removing "crow's feet"

Easy to tap with ring finger pads along upper and lower eyelid. Then close your eyes and put your fingers to nim.

Correction of an oval face

Place the palms on the neck, slowly, move towards the forehead, slightly pulling the skin up.

Elimination of vertical wrinkles on the forehead

Place index fingers in the center of the forehead. Move, going to the temples, making movements in a circle. Zigzag movements to perform the exercise, moving the index finger first up and then down.

Deep impact

Light pinching, heading along the lines of lymph flow, to perform massage. It is important to capture the deeper layers. Thanks to these exercises, you can adjust the oval of the face.

Lifting corners lips

Using the index fingers placed on the outer corners of the lips, pull the skin up in a circular motion. You need to move along the line of the nasolabial fold.

It is enough to allocate about 15 minutes For each exercise. The time depends on the state of the zone being worked.

Final stage

After the massage session, it is necessary to fix the result. This requires do the following:

  1. Walk across the face, tapping your fingertips a little.
  2. Remove any remaining oil or other cosmetic with cleaning wipes.
  3. In case of excessive dryness, apply a nourishing cream or mask, if the skin is normal – moisturizing, if oily – matting.

At the end, rinse with room temperature water and blot your face with paper napkins.After all the manipulations, it is undesirable to go outside for an hour, so as not to congeal the facial nerve.


Similar to other cosmetic procedures, facial massage has several contraindications, which include:

  • too oily skin – in case of exposure to oils and creams may rash;
  • infectious diseases that pass with fever;
  • headache;
  • enlarged pores;
  • burns, wounds and other skin lesions;
  • psychological disorders;
  • inflammatory processes occurring on the facial nerve;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • oncological diseases;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • large moles and herpes.

In the presence of such conditions, it is important to consult a doctor before starting the massage. In General, it is safe for health.

Masks after massage

A few hours after the procedure is allowed to wash. After that, on the neck, face and décolleté area is recommended to apply the mask:

  • from clay – mix the powder with water until a mass is formed, consistency similar to thick sour cream;
  • from dirt – ready to apply therapeutic mud on the skin and withstand until completely dry;
  • from strawberries – berries to smear on the skin, wait until dry, apply another layer and repeat several times.

These masks will help to refresh the skin, improving its appearance.

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